Discovery Health, Discovery Education, Novo Nordisk and JDRF Launch FREE Online Video Opportunity

Wanted to make sure you all knew that in an effort to beat type 1 diabetes, Novo Nordisk, Discovery Health and JDRF launched the Young Voices Unite national online video campaign, inviting people affected by type 1 to submit a 1-minute video message with 1) their personal story and 2) how our next president can help change the future of diabetes. Discovery Health will give the videos national exposure and for each video submission, Novo Nordisk will donate funds to JDRF (up to $25,000). Submitting videos is absolutely free. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to get your desires, attitudes, wishes and needs about diabetes heard! The deadline is October 24th! Additional information is below and at


Campaign sponsored by Novo Nordisk, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Discovery Health, and Discovery Education to Address Challenges Faced by Youth Living with the Disease

WHAT: Novo Nordisk, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Discovery Health, and Discovery Education are teaming up to launch Young Voices: Life with Diabetes, a national Web-based video campaign encouraging teens and young adults to share their insights on challenges they face living with diabetes. Building on the momentum of the upcoming presidential election, participants are asked to record a video message to the incoming president highlighting their attitudes, wishes and needs and how the government can improve diabetes care. For each submission, Novo Nordisk will donate funds to JDRF (up to $25,000).

WHEN: Videos will be accepted through midnight (ET) October 24, 2008. Ten videos will be selected and posted on the site on or about the first week in November for the public to view. The top videos will be voted on and featured during the World Diabetes Day Young Voices: Life with Diabetes Forum to be held in New York City at the ESPN Zone in Times Square on November 14, 2008. The Youth Forum, moderated by ESPN anchor Brian Kenny, will bring together teens and young adults living with type 1 diabetes to share experiences dealing with life transitions while managing the disease.

WHY: Type 1 diabetes affects an estimated 5-10 percent of the 23.6 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes. While type 1 diabetes can occur at any age, peak incidence occurs during puberty. For any young person these days, the transition from adolescence into adulthood is full of life-changing experiences. For teens and young adults with type 1 diabetes, however, the unique challenge of living with this chronic illness complicates an often troublesome period in their lives. The Young Voices: Life with Diabetes video campaign and Youth Forum provide a platform for support and camaraderie among teens and young adults living with this disease.

WHERE: Video entries can be submitted at

I told the members yesterday about this, but thanks for sharing the detail, Shira! I hope we can help raise funds for JDRF through this great initiative.