Is airing the ever so controversial episode of Hannah Montana tomorrow. I sure hope they changed some things so it’s not so fake and stupid.

that movie looked lame to begin with. no offense to those who like that movie.

anyone see the first episode of glee on fox? a lady mentioned to her husband when he brought her a sandwich if he remembered no mayo… she said, “i dont want my diabetes to come back”… as if avoiding mayo prevents diabetes…

oh my gosh. wow, that is nuts.

Gee, if only we all knew that mayo was the culprit!

These shows need a diabetic consultant on staff. Will work for test strips:)

lol yep! if only it was that simple… i guess i’m gonna need insulin tomorrow… i’m having tuna salad… lol

haha i love diabetic references

Better eat your tuna salad outside the hospital to be safe!

Hahaha… yep! That or have an ambulance on stand by!

Oh man, when I was younger The Baby Sitters Club was a popular book series to read and at one point one of the girls was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It was back in the 80s (when it was written) when they didn’t really have home blood glucose monitors and all that so some of it seemed a little silly to me (this was mid-90s that I was actually reading them) but I finally had to stop reading them altogether when she went surfing, had a low blood sugar so she went to the cafe to get A SALAD to bring her sugars back up. Last time I checked green salad doesn’t have enough of anything to bring a BS back up.

That movie was so stupid. No wonder why people have such ignorant beliefs about diabetics.

I can’t stop giggling, a salad? Good grief

Which one is this? My kids watch this show occasionally and have never told me anything about someone with diabetes. Something new and exciting for our management?

Yeah, it’s funny now, but it made me really mad when I was 11 and read it. I threw the book across the room and then never read another Baby Sitters Club book ever again.

Oh yeah I saw Panic Room and was really annoyed as well. I actually did a whole project in college about mis-represented diabetic references in movies. How about Memento, anyone see the “diabetic” woman in that movie take insulin as if it were heroin? So annoying. Do your research, people!

How did the HM show go? She did a concert in Seattle last week or so.

There is a series on the movie channel Starz called Crash. The 2nd episode this season had someone get T1 at about 55 or so. They were so paranoid about the consequences of missing a little insulin because of a bubble! Her son was putting together the dose, reading the paper insulin insert/instructions, and it made me giggle how deadly they and their doctor made it sound! Way dramatized, but not too far off.

I actually thought they did a good job of it. they had a joke of Food police involved in it. Haha.

oh the episode title is no sugar sugar I think it is. It might have a different title for us in the states but that’s what it was in europe, I’ll have to look it up for you so you know. ahh found the title, Uptight (oliver’s alright).

I just want to point out about Glee, the woman who said that is also pretending to be pregnant… she is crazy. thats the point… dont judge, they meant to make it weird… the show is hilarious! :slight_smile: