I was wondering has anybody else experienced Diverticulitis with Diabetes? If so what meds or therapy did you use. Did you change your food habits or intake.

I am not sure how I developed this but it was extremely painful. A literature search suggested that this is perhaps common in diabetics. Does anybody know anything about this??

so nobody has had this ailment with diabetes??? How about Celiac Disease???

I have diverticulosis (which means that I have the pockets on my intestine), but I have never needed any medication for the infection. When I had my appendix removed, the doctor just informed me that I have this and that I should not eat any seeds that can’t be chewed (grape seed, popcorn kernels, etc).

I know it can be very painful to get an infection. I have had some pain a few times, but I’m not sure if it was an infection and it went away on its own.

I don’t know if there is any connection to diabetes.

Goodness it is very painful. I went to the emergency room only to be told it was menstrual cramps. I could barely walk around we the pain flares us. I was doing some reading on the disease and there it suggested some links to diabetes. I am taking medication that is suppose to help it and my diabetes.


In 1985 I had been having bouts with diverticulitis off and on. In March of that year I flared up and antibiotics did not help. I was put in the hospital and after a lot of test upper GI and lower GI they found that the inflamation had shut down my intestines. It took 6 days to reduce the inflamation down that they could operate. They removed 24 inches of my large colon and I have not had any trouble since. I do have a nice scar and the surgon said he left my belly button because we had not discussed ti before the surgery.

I was told that I did not eat enough fiber to keep my intestines cleaned.

Goodness this is horrible. I am so glad you wrote. I have started to eat lots of fiber and benefiber. The funny thing is it is on my right side and not on the left as literature suggests. I still have small flare ups but it is not so bad like it use to be. How have you survived with 24 inches of colon gone?

where you every given welchol? how was your experiene with it.

i also have diverticulosis. i’ve found that keeping things “running smoothly” keeps it from getting inflamed… When i got diagnosed a few years ago my dr gave me some prescription laxative. i decided to substitute a natural remedy and ate a bag of figs instead. Things were “running VERY smoothly” for several days but i felt better and it was fast.

It has only been recently that Ihave started to feel better. My doctor gave me this Welchol horse pills that I have to take 4 before bed time. I have been eating more foods with fiber and sprinkling everything with benefiber. This is horrible. I will have to try eating the figs. I will do anything to not get this again. The pain has just started to subside.

Never missed the colon, don’t remember welchol as anything I took.
I would think the seeds in figs would be a no no. I have not had a flare up in 25 years.

I haven’t had any CT scans or other tests done. My doctor basically heard my symptoms and saw me dragging my leg in his office and made the diagnosis. I have been taking cipro and something else. What exactly does inflammation do?

At the time, I all knew was that it hurts so bad. The pain would come and my back would straighten up. Sometimes I could hardly walk. It is getting better know. I had done some literature searches on Diabetes and Diverticulitus and there is some connections. Basically the connect is in the foods that are eaten or not eaten. It can be coupled with celiac disease. This means the only you can eat is introvenous tree bark!

wow that is wonderful…have you lost weight?

Several times but I usually find a way to put it back on. Currently my knee’s are so bad it is difficult to walk my favorite exercise