Intestional problems

I was wondering if anyone knows if persistent constipation is a part of diabetes…i drink at least 60 ounces of water everyday…7 days a week…plus other liquids…I basically have to use a laxative at least once a week because I become to bloated and uncomfortable that it hurts…any suggestions,ideas, remedies…would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

thank you for you assistance :slight_smile:
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Hi Sioux:

While this can be uncomfortable topic (both figuratively and literally), just about everyone should be able to relate to it!

When I was first diagnosed with Type 2 in 5/06, I was also diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. My doctor promptly prescribed me various medications, including Metformin, Benazapril, Crestor, etc. I started taking them, along with making drastic changes to my diet, and all of the sudden I started having problems with constipation. I talked, actually argued, with my doctor about why I was experiencing this problem. I took various laxatives, drank liquids, before I eventually became more regular. After a while I was able to stop taking a laxative.

However, my bowel habits have forever changed since being diagnosed with T2. I beleive it is because of the Metformin and other meds. Since being diagnosed as T2 when I have “to go”, I have to go NOW. Fortuanately I work around a lot of port-a-potties. Being an avid hunter and fisherman, I have learned the value of packing toilet paper when going hunting / fishing.

You probably have already done this, but I would suggest consulting with your doctor concerning your medications and the constipation. It sounds to me like you have been doing the proper things like drinking lots of liquids, etc. I have also found that drinking a caffeinated drink also helped me.

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All I can tell you besides what Travis said, is that I’ve had Type 1 for 35 years and have found that the old remendy of prune juice has worked alot better for me than the laxitives that I bought over the counter. But ask your dr to be sure. I know that getting my bowels to move has had to have a little help all my life, my daughter who is a Type 1 too has had the same problems, unlike her dad and sister who can go everyday and fuss if they miss a day. YES THAT PAIN REALLY SUCKS!!!

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YMMV, I had IBS for many years, and was attempting to deal with it with fiber, water, and stool softeners. In 1999, I went on Atkins with my husband to try to lose weight – imagine my surprise when my IBS disappeared during the induction diet phase? I now know that I am allergic to wheat, and i am thinking that my very high fiber diet may actually have exacerbated my IBS problems. I took psillum seed powder, and ate no sugar shreaded wheat. I thought I was eating healthy. Apparently, that wasn’t the case for me.

I’m now eating a meat-cheese-egg, lettuce style low carb diet for my blood sugar, and i can tell you the farther way I stay from grain foods, the happier my colon is When I cheat and eat bread or cereal, I hurt, and get very constipated, very quickly. I bloat too.

I think I am getting too old to play that game any more. I know I’m sensitive to grains, so I just can’t eat them any more.

thank you all for your replies…fortunately i am not on any medications for diabetes, i am taking although zetia for the cholesterol and effexsorXR for depression and it also helps with my vertigo (go figure)…and occassionally i need to take a sleeping aid…(long story)…I will try the prune juice, because ive heard that your body can become dependent on laxatives which is what i am afraid of now…thanx again for the advice :slight_smile:

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wow allergic to wheat… thats kind of a bummer :(…but when i do eat “bran” it does seem to help a little (very little)…i was using a product called colon cleanse…but due to financial constraints i have been unable to purchase it for quite awhile, which is partially the problem i believe…i am so uncomfortable now…but today its probably because i GORGED myself on thanksgiving :)…thank you halle :)…yes i too am getting to old to play games anymore :slight_smile:

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hmm, you might want to check with your health care provider just to make sure you don’t have hypothyroidism (which can be fixed easily by taking a pill once a day). it’s pretty common in general, i think 5% of women have it, and much more common among type 1’s, i don’t know about type 2’s. I have it and before i was diagnosed i was constipated and sleepy a lot.


No, persistent constipation isn’t a usual diabetes complication.

It might be caused by your having become gluten intolerant which happens to a lot of us as we get older. Try cutting out all wheat products for a week and see whether it makes a difference. Doctors rarely suggest this, but many people find it eliminates reflux and gas like magic.

I don’t know about the others but I also have GURD and Grateroparis (sp) and with all that I have found that the gasetroparisis IS caused mainly from long term diabetes and if your on any type of pain meds it also causes conespation just wanted to let you know that and if you’ve had it for a long time you might want to ask your Dr to check you for it. All it comes down to really is it just takes your tummy longeto diagest your food intake. And I also have acid reflux which causes almost any acidy product to make you burp forever and sometimes come back up.

You can ask your doctor to test you for celiac, which you’re at higher risk at with diabetes. I believe there’s a group on this site for diabetics with celiac, so you might post a question there.

Well accidentally i came across a herbal site which is having some herbal treatments to cure constipation, i would suggest you to take a look but it is part of diabetes or not i don’t have any idea about it.