Recuperating after DKA

I was in the ICU last week with DKA. My sugars came down pretty quickly and I was home after only three days in the hospital. Now I’m working on stabilizing my sugar levels. They’re still high, but they’re about half of what they were prior to the hospital visit.

I’ve been very weak, tired, woozy and nauseous since coming home. Today was much better but I’m wondering if this is common? How long might this last? What other “after effects” are common?

Right now, every weird pang or pop freaks me out that I’m going DKA again. I know it’s not happening, but until my levels are back in normal range I’m going to worry. Maybe I just need some support knowing that it’s going to be okay. I don’t ever want to go through this again.

Hi Rubia,

I was weak & quite worn out after my bout with DKA. I didn’t feel nauseous, but everyone is different. What this does to our bodies is exhausting, It’s trauma. Don’t know about your experience, but on top of everything else I got no sleep in the hospital. My numbers were worse than yours so perhaps this is why I had my BG taken every 30 minutes for two days. Was impossible to get any rest.

I was scared witless about going too high again, too. Think this is a normal reaction. I was testing constantly for fear of ending up in the hospital.

Glad you’re feeling better today! I didn’t feel normal for about 10 days.

When I have high BG, I feel very tired & my head pounds.

Hope you never go through that again.