dLife - Your Diabetes Life - What Happened?

I can remember, a few years ago, looking forward to watching another 30 minute dLife program on Sunday nights on CNBC TV. This unique and diabetes focused program seemed like the beginning of a way to bridge the gap in patient (and family) access to education and support in diabetes. No other energy has ever had the capable capacity to capture the attention of literally millions of people with or at risk for diabetes. They always had phenomenal guests and stories that gave the viewers a strong feeling that they were not alone in their fight and plight with diabetes and that in order to survive a longer, healthier existence with diabetes, they needed to come to a key understanding, that diabetes control starts with education and activity. I first met dLife founder, Howard Steinberg at a Diabetes and Exercise conference(DESA) and was really quite impressed with his goal of national and global connectivity within the fractured diabetes community. One thing for sure, and this was as true 20 years ago as it is today, the key to avoiding diabetes complications is tight glycemic control. Yet the avenues available to educate the epidemic/pandemic numbers of people living with and at risk for developing diabetes are becoming more inviable that available. I’m not sure what happened to dLife. I know Howard left over 2 years ago and some of the investors took control. I don’t know why a program with so much promise and impact has seemingly gone underground with a website (www.dlife.com) that has become much less impacting and an internet only broadcast of limited viewing coverage. As a former employee of several diabetes technology and education companies, I’ll be the first to admit that these companies have a right (and a need) to make money or to sell the company. However, once Howard was gone, dLife seemed to lose it’s way and it’s soul, because he, (like many of us) have lived with diabetes for most of his life, and knows how to deliver the the type of content we all want and need to survive. I heard dLife was sold several months ago; Too bad!!!

In the end, dLife is just another quality attempt to provide people with diabetes access to a better life and has been disabled like the body of a poorly controlled person with diabetes; those greedy business owners. The people who invent ideas of impact, like Howard Steinberg and his brilliant team of visionaries who put their heart and soul into the dLife project, were helpless to do anything about it. Such a huge disappointment to those of us who had the privilege to be there in the beginning and see the level of impact grow.


I haven't been to dLife.com for over 5 years. For a variety of reasons, it didn't appeal to me after I initially was all over the site.

I was also desperately trying to find a way to watch the CNBC(?) broadcasts, but at the time I was sailing and couldn't find a cable connection that was long enough to reach the boat.

Things have changed over the last 5 years in terms of the number of ways to get information about life with diabetes. There are a lot of different web-based outlets and blogs including YouTube. In addition, the prevalence of so-called "broadband" connection speeds have dramatically increased.

I don’t participate in anything with dLife, but I did hear an interview of Jim Turner recently. He indicated that the show is not on network TV, but is broadcast online on what they call dLife TV. You can check it out here:


Yes, that is what they said when the show went off the air, though they did say it "might" come back to broadcast. I miss the show on Sunday afternoon as well. It was miles above any other show or show segment on Diabetes. I always enjoyed it.