dLife Special on D&D

When I learned there was a dLife special on diabetes and depression, all my antenna shot up. I quickly went online to see if I could find a place to view it, and happily found it. Couldn’t wait to watch and learn what tips and tricks could help me during my darkest hours!

Boy, oh boy, what a huge disappointment. The therapist is a complete downer – she doesn’t say anything helpful, only warns you to watch out cuz things are going to get worse. (Huh?) The moderator adds nothing interesting, but lets you know that diabetes and depression usually go hand-in-hand. (Wow, thanks for the info!) The therapist then advises you to “break the cycle” by not letting it get you down. (Duh, why didn’t I think of that??)

Here’s the link in case you’re curious:

dLife special: Diabetes and Depression

But be forewarned: do not not not take this video to heart. There are plenty of things to be ultimately grateful for that it neglects to mention. Most notably is that we are living in an era of such wondrous medical technologies, that we’re living more comfortably than we ever have, and the risk of diabetic complications is the lowest it’s ever been. In history. And it keeps getting lower.

What do you think?