Do any of the type 1s here deduct fiber and use net carbs or not....?

I haven’t found deducting the fiber and bolusing for net carbs works for me. I just bolus for the whole thing…anyone else?

that’s what i do. bolus for the whole thing.

I deduct. I haven’t noticed it being a problem but I will pay more attention now :slight_smile:

In Europe, fiber is not listed in total carbs. It is listed separately…

Nah - I was always gonna try it. But, on some level, I sort of do take into consideration the whole picture when I’m eating an apple, for instance.

I’m with Flo on this one. 5 grams or more, deduct. Otherwise, whole thing.

I tried to deduct when it was brought to my attention that I should, but that totally messed up my BG’s. After several attempts at doing it “the right” way, I was kind of like, forget that, and went back to bolusing for everything, but extending the combo bolus for longer or doing less upfront and more extended. My way works for me regardless of what “the right” way is. Even if it’s over 5 grams, I include all of it, otherwise, I end up out of range later.

I just bolus (dual wave on the pump) for the whole amount of carbs. Never a problem.

I bolus the whole thing. Never had a problem with it regardless of how much fiber there is. I feel that it works better for me that way.

It just depends for me … sometimes I bolus for the whole thing and go hypo, sometimes I deduct and go high but I have read if more than 5 grams deduct; this usually seems to work for me. It’s just one of those things you need to experiment with and results may vary from day to day. It sure would be nice if diabetes management were an exact science!

I deduct. Fiber is listed separately usually just under the carbs. This is what we were told by the dietitian.

Whole thing. The 5g rule sounds good though. When I’m snacking on almonds which are mostly fiber, I rarely bolus at all. Every other time, whole thing.

I’ve been told to deduct half the amount of fiber from carbs, if it’s over 5 grams. But, I don’t because it doesn’t seem to change the total carbs for me regarding effect. So, I bolus for the total without deducting.

I deduct if it’s more than 3 grams (I have no idea where 3 grams came from and not 5 like everyone else has said!) and it works really well for me.