Do Any of You get Weird Cravings?

I was diagnosed Type 2 this last May 9, 2009. I immediately went on very low carb diet (Atkins). My blood sugar was at a fasting level of 267 and nonfasting into the 300’s. Since then I have brought it down to between 90 and 115. However, I get some weird cravings…like Peanuts and real butter. Does that make sense. You would think it would be sweets or chocolate or something like that…but no…it is peanuts and butter. Neither seem to affect my blood sugar in a negative way. Does this make sense to any of you folks?

Dear Steve.

They sure beat a slice of bread which has sent my BG out of control for at least 1/2 day.

I crave peanut butter - miracle whip - onion sandwiches. Is that weird ?

rick phillips

Peanut butter and Helman’s full fat mayo on a double toasted Engish muffin…

Great BG! Congratulations!

I’m addicted to peanut butter & can relate. Once I started eating low carb those sweet & carb cravings went away. Well, except for chocolate, but chocolate is a basic food group:)

Hello Steve. Good work on your blood sugar levels. Cravings? I have a lot… Rice cakes and cheesecakes to name a few. And did you just mention chocolates??? Unfortunately they make my BS disastrous.

I’ve always loved and craved peanut butter ever since I was a kid especially after being diagnosed and I still do but not as often as I used to. I used to have to eat it everyday when I was a kid. I talked to another diabetic a few years ago that used to crave PB too. It seems strange that so many of us crave peanut butter so maybe there is something to that!

OH, I forgot this one.
Combine in a bowl: 1/2 c chunky blue cheese dressing; 1/2 cup toasted sunflower seeds, and 1/2 cup chopped green onions. Toss and eat with a spoon. Lettuce not necessary.
…no I haven’t done this in about 3 years, but I still think about it.

I am dying for a huge grilled steak, or at least major protein in the meat form. I have for years had this craving at least every two months, where protein in almost like sharks to dead fish. It’s not that my sugars are lower or higher than usual, it’s that I need to have protein. So my remedy is to order a larger portion of steak from a restaurant, and enjoy it. There are no anemia or hemoglobin problems, just a need for protein. Also, on WW’ers I have two more points stored just for protein during the week. It does help my blood sugars stablize, and that’s a good thing. I just have to make sure that the two points, which equals about 2 - 3 ounces is used just for the protein.

multiply by 20 and then you have a decent mouthful of steak,rare of course, lol

I have found out that you can make ice cream from real cream and instead of sugar, a product in the USA called “Spenda”, which is a sugar substitute and many mainline ice cream makers have some flavors made with Splenda. I don’t know if you have a product like that in the UK or the rest of Europe but if you do, it is definitely worth checking out. You cannot tell the difference between it and sugar. It is not Aspartame in any form either.

I do get cravings, but they are usually my cultural foods, i.e. refried beans, chicharrones, menudo. Although I do crave things like smoked almonds and peanuts.

Smoked Almonds

Peanuts are actually a good source of nutrients and as long as you eat your level of carbs for them you should be fine. Butter depends on which type. It can be a very high source of fat, sodium, and cholesterol. An oz. of butter, light, stick, with salt can have 15g of total fat and 10 of that is saturated fat, while it also contains 30mg of cholesterol and 126mg of sodium. That can easily be overdrawn if you eat too much of it. that can raise your cholesterol, but not your blood sugars. Either way it is not a healthy way to be eating.

If you want to know more about nutrition data on certain foods go to, for various diabetic recipes go to

Diabetically Yours,

Actually, I always crave pickles and meat. I have no clue why…I don’t usually like vinegar, but when my BG goes under 80 or so, I want things without carbs…any ideas why?

II’d say HOO RAY!!! At least you aren’t craving Krispy Kremes or pancake syrup! :slight_smile: I crave Nutella! I had purchased my first jar just before I was diagnosed!

I am still in my diabetic education class, having a new diagnosis. My teacher told me I had to eat a minimum of 100 carbs a day!! Well…eating her way made my b.s. go up over 200 fasting. So I am back to eating lower carb (she doesnt know) and my B.S is going down.

I am afraid that if I eat all she tells me I will gain weight! I am only 5’ tall. I can low carb better than I can follow her diet!

I don’t have much use for nutritionists. They kill Type 2’s. But that is my opinion. I have been on low carb and my BS is maintaining between 90 and 115. They freak when I say Atkins, but I carry copies of my blood tests and it shuts them up…:slight_smile: I was diagnosed on May 9,2009. I lowered my BS from 267 to 90 in less than 10 days on Atkins induction and I eat still to this day, less than 15 grams of carbs and my blood tests are not just great in BS and A1C but my overall cholesteral is around 150. Even my doctor agrees with what I am doing. My suggestion is just get on low carb and watch your blood numbers get better and better and ignore the nutritionists.

I think I have a reason. Carbs have an addictive quality so, when your BS is down you don’t crave carb type items. At least that’s what I think.

That sounds high for a carb diet, but each person is different. I say go with the lower carb that your following as long as you don’t have a hypo situation.

I real good cheese burger, no mcdonalds fast food crap ether!
and Sushi!

I have been craving peanut butter since my diagnosis in 1973 at age 6. It sure was an easy lunch for my mom to make for school. Even if I buy a lunch out somewhere, I eat peanut butter for supper everyday. It sure is crazy that we are all nuts!