Do Glucose Tabs Affect Fasting Cholesterol Values?

I have just started on simvistatin to lower my LDL values, and have to go in for fasting bloodwork more often until the appropriate dose is found.
I always seem to have very dramatic bg drops the morning of the blood draw. Do you think that taking glucose tabs in the hours before can distort the cholesterol values?
I’ve asked the lab people twice and they just give me a vacant look …

Hi Kathy,
I am not sure if the glucose tabs will distort your cholesterol values. I wouldn’t think they would. But if I may suggest, you could just eat somethng around midnight,that would take awhile to digest, I am thinking of a banana or something like that. That way your BG may still be up by in the morning when you get your blood drawn.

If you are T2 glucose tabs will cause a spike in your VLDL’s. I’m not sure how it would affect a T1. On the other hand if your sugar is getting dangerously low, then do what you must. Maybe someone can drive you to the doc’s office and carry tabs or snacks for after the bloood work.

Hi Judith! I’ve misssed you. I convinced myself of that when I was struggleing to get my cholesteral/tiglycerides under control. when I cut all but the barest essential oil for cooking out of my diet and increased starch and sugar ALL my lipids went radically in the wrong direction. It confused me. Then I started reading others here talk about a low carb diet and guess what, when I went low carb, high fat/protein all my numbers went radically in the right direction. I’ve read all I could find (and understand) because it was counter intuitive.
Turns out one of the products of suar/starch intake is the VLDL’s…one of the worst forms of cholesteral. It also increased triglicerides.

Hey, Judith, I miss hearing from you. I’ve been a little afraid I had offended you in one post.

You are truly a blessing, Judith.

God’s peace to you

I have eaten glucose tablets before blood tests because I had to eat something. I guess it’s better than eating a full breakfast. But I don’t know if it actually affects the glucose. Last time i had a blood test, I took less insulin to avoid those lows, but it means that my blood sugar was high for the morning… so I don’t know what’s better!

ask the doctor =) lab folks aren’t good at diagnosis questions. I had a lab tech tell me not to take any insulin before a test… duh (a smile and a nod works best when people give advice)

glucose doesn’t affect cholesterol lab tests. water will, (dilution) and so will fats eaten right before the test.

good luck Kathy - watch out for grapefruit and grapefruit products on statins!

You guys are all the best!!!
Thanks so much for the helpful answers. I hate to run high on purpose just so I don’t konk out, but about a month ago I nearly did. When I was back upstairs at the doc’s, I asked if they would have treated me at the clinic and he said no, they would have called an ambulance.
I have a pretty high co-payment for both ambulance rides and ER visits, so would rather avoid them if possible.