Fasting for Blood test

So I've been needing to go get a much needed blood test for a couple of weeks now. I was finally going to go get it done at 9:30 am. I juust woke up with a low blood sugar. 50!! Should I go ahead and treat it and still go get the blood test?? I'm supposed to be fasting. If I drink a little bit of juice will it really affect the test that much??

if you just treat with glucose tabs i was told it shouldnt be a problem. get some in ya!!


I don't have any glucose tabs. =[ I have sweet tarts...think that'll work? Not even sure how I'm typing this..feeling a little disoriented.

Treat your low, and then go get the test done. Just let them know. Hope it works out!

It really depends on the blood test. An HbA1c doesn't require fasting. A cholesterol test requires fasting. When your blood sugar rises above normal, your liver converts extra glucose into triglycerides. If you overtreat a low and draw blood for a cholesterol test, you may have a false abnormal results. By the same token, if you have an elevated fasting blood sugar and go for a cholesterol test you may also get an false abnormal result.

that's F r u s t r a t i n g..
Well I treated the low, going to leave in about 40 minutes to do the test

My internist has always told me that I can have glucose tabs or juice if necessary before my cholesterol test that requires fasting.

I had my annual physical this morning that did require fasting. Like many people with Type 1, my BG always goes up when I don’t eat breakfast. I always find it amazing that throughout the morning I had to take just as much insulin as I would have if I had eaten breakfast and it still never got my BG down to my target BG. I didn’t want to do a massive rage bolus because I didn’t want to pass out from a low at the doctor’s office.

This is the sort of stuff that reminds me how difficult it can be to totally control Type 1. It’s so easy to feel guilty over every high BG, but hormones and the liver have a huge effect on what’s going on and they are not always predictable.

Hope everything went OK with your BG test. You were absolutely correct to treat your low.

You did the right thing and you are right, it is frustrating.

MY BG behaves very well in these situations, but my blood pressure goes nutso in a doctor's office. The last time I kept track of it myself, 5 times a day for 30 days before I had an appointment. It was high in the office, and when they started in on me, I pulled out the chart. Then they didn't want to believe it. I said, "I don't CARE what YOU believe, I know what the facts are." They finally put a note on my records not to send me the letter of doom every time my BP is elevated in a doctor's office. It's hard enough to deal with the ups and downs we experience when we test ourselves every day. It would be really nice if the doctors' office were more helpful, rather than putting on their grumpy face or making decisions based on inadequate input. Hope your situation worked out well today.