Do I need a pump break?

I have been gone a bit mostly because my sugars are awful. I can not seem to get any place on my body to work with insulin anymore besides my stomach and frankly it is black and blue, I don’t have alot of real estate.

I am so scared to go on a pump break because on shots I almost died 3 times, passed out countless times and was about 20 pounds lighter which I can not afford to lose. That was only 2 1/2 years on shots. I use Sure-t’s, short sills and bent needles and I get blood back almost half the time i change sites. I have to change sites everyday and sometimes twice due to bleeding and bruising.

Anyone else experiance this? If so was taking a break from your pump the only option?

Be well and be loved each and everyone

It sounds like you should consider meeting with a pump educator or a diabetes educator to get help with your therapy. You’ve answered your own question regarding going back on shots.

Thank you both. I have had many sit down meetings with D. educators and pump educators as well as my doc. We are all trying to keep me on the pump because of how bad MDI was for me as well as double digit A1C’s. What I am hoping to find is someone who has made it through a similar problem. MM has said directly to me that I might have to take a break. One thing I have noticed is the first 12-14 hours of a site is good (in stomach ) then it starts to be less and less effective. I doubt my insurance is gonna approve a change 2 times a day they have already been gracious with daily changes. Double edge sword cause daily changes mean less places as they get used up fast. Some of the things being thrown out are auto immune reactions, Inflammatory reactions and Allergy reactions.

When I ask about trying un-approved angels of infusion sets they can’t answer cause they are not approved for that. I mean trying to insert the sure T at an angle and sills just under the skin. I can do that with bent needles but they are big and only last a few hours. Have you or anyone else played with the angles of the above sets?

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I did not know that Dave I thought the needle would dull!..Thank you I am gonna tray that. The only things is I have to put the sure t through IV3000 then another on top would that affect being able to do that?
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Laura , I am a BIG follower of Dave’ s Sure-T’s recommendation …and day to day results have so improved for me . One of the big things for me, when I notice numbers go up , AFTER a set change , I carefully remove the needle and tape and put it into a differnent clean, dry spot . No need to put through IV3000 ; I don’t need IV3000 on top of it either, however have put some Nexcare Plastic , transparent tape over it …it works for this girl . Ultimately I use the same Sure-T set for 5 days …time to get more insulin in the new reservoir …who knows, I may get more use out of it , when I " practice " some more…but I am as happy as a clam …much less time spent on " servicing me " . You asked about pump break …I have been close to pulling the darn stuff out of my body …but 4-5 needles a day did not do it for me either . Too many bad memories. I hope this helps you …

I have to use the IV3000 because i am allergic to the adhesive on the sets. I am gonna try moving it though I have good insurance and they allow me to change my sites everyday so I can’t complain.

Thank you and be loved

OK I will try not to do that :slight_smile:

Maybe this will help in other places so I can give my stomach a rest. I don’t know what to do about bleeders though the Sure T is the smallest and I still get them. I am going to keep trying though so any idea’s are welcome. I might even start taking a small dose of antihistamine just in case since I allergic to the world it seems. I know my sites lasted longer when I was on a allergy routine med but because of a slight right side heart murmur (cystic fibrosis related) I quit the med because I don’t want to make that worse but now my sugars are worse so it might be half a dozen vs 6.

Than you Dave and be loved

No but I wonder if my vit K is low it happens in Cystic Fibrosis I am a bleeder for sure. My blood pressure runs low so that is not it either. It just seems like site area’s are punchy and inflamed instead of fatty and soft. I am also the one who can only wear my sensor in my arm at a very shallow angle. But it means only 2 changes then I have to wait. I rotate to the other side of my body so I never am near my last site. I use skin prep then IV3000. I wonder if I am building an allergy to skin prep? Without skin prep though I can not tolerate tape.
You all are helping already learned something new :slight_smile:
Thank you
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PS I am a pain in my own arse :slight_smile: