Do Needles Require a RX?

This isn’t really diabetes-related. I have another injectible medication I need to give myself, and due to stupidity on my part, I don’t have the needle I’m supposed to have. I need a 3CC syringe and a needle long enough for an IM injection. I did have the needle but I opened it by mistake thinking it was a different size (long story) a couple weeks ago. Anyway I’m supposed to do this injection today or tomorrow and I don’t know if I can just waltz into a pharmacy and ask for the needle or what. I actually have some 1CC syringes but no needles for IM injections. I don’t want them to think I’m a junkie! LOL

I think this varies from state to state. I know in Michigan I needed a prescription for the needles. Perhaps call the pharmacy first.

Hi Misty
If you only need the one syringe and needle then you might possibly take your prescription to the regular pharmacy where you normally go and show it to the pharmacist and ask him/her if they would sell you the one for that injection. If you need more than one, you probably won’t be able to get it without the prescription. (written) My pharmacy did this for me one time.when the doctor had forgotten to write down the order for ther syringe and needle

Call a pharmacy in your area. Needles are considered to over the counter. I have to fight my mail order pharmacy every time I order them because they do not want to cover them.

In Massachusetts, you don’t need a prescription. I’ve always had one, but I know that needles are no longer a prescription item.
I think as part of the law to no longer need a RX, every box must include a number for the HIV/AIDS prevention hotlines. For some reason, I always find it funny when I get a box of syringes and some insulin in the mail and there is a giant “USE CLEAN NEEDLES TO PREVENT HIV” letter on top!

You don’t have to have an RX in Texas for insulin or allergy syringes either. Or Florida for that matter (found that out on vacation one year). As for the needle you’re looking for, I’m not sure. I would try to go to the pharmacy that you always do so that they have you in their files and know that you’re not a junkie :slight_smile:

In NC you do not need a scrip…my experience was that in FL, you do, at least 3 years ago and in Dade county. While in the moving process, I extended my stay in FL and needed to buy needles. The pharmacist on duty used my NC scrip, but the clerk said that I was lucky…the other pharmacist would not have.

in california you need a prescription. call your pharmacy for your specific state requirements.

Thanks for all your help!