Do not know how to use NovoRapid with Levimir

Hi All,
I am type 2 insuling dependant. I was in Mixtard 30/70 and 2 gm glucophage but the mixtard did not work well for meI always have highs and lows..Then I was reading how to think like pancreas book and found out that one of the best Regime to get good control is using rapid insulin and long acting insulin together, so I talked to my doctor and convinced him and he prescribed me Novo Rapid and Levemir along with Glucophage.

I started taking them both yesterday along with Glucophage.Usually my I/C ration is 1 to 4 - but when i started taking the novo rapid I found that this ratio is much less and different than 1/4 that I used to have when I was taking mixtard, I am very confused ,forexample I take 10 units of Novorapid with 40 carb but it did not get my BG down as calculated based on IC 1/4 at all maybe it take it down as if the ratio is 1/2...I am very confused and Drs. Do not understand well in that area.
I just need to know if the I/C ratio should be the same no matter what kind of insulin (rapid or medium) and how do I adjust my dose along with carb intake. and can IC ratio be really that low ration as 1/2
Thanking you in advance
For example yesterday when started I was 212 at 1 pm and I had around 30 Gm of Carb, so I get 5 units of novorapid for correction (based of 1 unit reduce BG with 15 no.) and get 7 more units of novorapid to cover the 30 gm carb (based on IC 1/4) so total novorapid taken was 12 but even though my readings after was as follows: at 2 20 pm it was 269 - at 3 20 pm was 230 - at 4 23 pm it was 290!!
I need some help as I really do not know how much Novo should I take based on carb intake...Thanks and sorry for the long message

It takes some time to figure out your basal requirements and ratios. The first thing you need to get straight is your basal. Being 212 before a meal and having continued rises 3-5 hours after meals suggest that your basal is too low to maintain a good fasting blood sugar.

Once your basal is close, you can worry about your ratios for correction and carbs. In addition to "Think Like a Pancreas," I also found "Using Insulin" by Walsh helpful. Walsh has a good descriptions of basal testing on his site diabetesnet.

Thanks a lot Brian, i am really focusing now on basal and i knew it should be around40 -50% from total daily insulin but it also depends on carb count, anyway today my control is better and i start log very closely to understand better.