Do schedule changes mess up your sugars?

Does anything this extreme happen to anyone else when you have a big sudden schedule change?

I have a pretty regular schedule. Due to later shifts, I go to sleep late and wake up around 10am. I have a very pronounced dawn phenomenon, but have my basal rates set to double around 5:30am and this works great. I wake up every morning around 90 and it will stay that way until I eat.

Then come… da da dum… doc appointment days. Unfortunately, all my docs here (Germany) will only take blood for things like a1c’s at 8am. So, whenever I have a blood test I’m suddenly getting up 4 hours earlier than normal to get ready and to travel and I’m totally worn out, red eyed and headachy. I’ll be at 90 when I wake up, but it will rise so quickly that it’s crazy. Every 10 minutes I’ll be up another 30 points. I’ve even tried kicking my basals up to 3 units per hour (!) at 4am on those days. That helps a little, but still… I’ll wake up at 90 and then it will rise, rise, rise. If I don’t take drastic action it can hit 300 in less than 2 hours. With a ridiculously huge bolus I can at least keep it under 180 usually. This is just so crazy compared to normal and always makes me look terrible on every fasting lab test. The docs see “fasting glucose: 267” and think the worst, you know. Am I the only one this happens to???

Every weekend my blood sugars are messed up. I can hardly wait for this weekend. Hubby is adding an extra day off from work to his Labor Day weekend. We’ll have fun but who knows what kind of shape I’ll be in when he goes back to work.

I hear ya! sigh… I’m not on insulin; but every time our schedules get changed for meals,appts etc… My numbers go just as crazy as yours. My numbers do not go as low as yours… ( I wish!) I do however see the high numbers being 200 to 275 most often during upset schedules. change in times of meals etc…
I’m just now starting to see a dr and am type 2 starting with the generic form of Metformin. It’s called Fortamet.
For me it is the changing hours of a military lifestyle when my husband goes from civilian job to activated. Working longer hours, different days off etc… It really affects the whole family. Everyone is on edge for a long time both when he gets activated and finally when the deactivation time comes as well.

Every day. I’m a court advocate. Judges will go “over lunch”, take “early lunches”, generally scr*w me over. Fun fun fun. On the other hand, when a witness drops a bomb and I need to “take instructions” / work out what on earth my client could possibly say to answer a point, I will use the Big D as a chance to take “a break”. Hypos, eh? Can’t beat’em, use’em.

OH! I hear ya! Weekends mess us up a little bit, but we try to keep close watch. He’s in a band, so on the days right after a band gig we have to pay attention. And don’t even talk to me about Holidays! Holidays are a time for…adventure!!!

I find the worst is family gatherings. We often have to remove ourselves from the gathering event because it’s dinner time…since they didn’t put a great deal of planning into the dinner schedule, we can’t plan the entire day’s food intake to accommodate a later dinner…then have to sneak away to go get dinner so nothing bad happens…we just alienate ourselves from the family. They forget…but they understand.

I can atest to schedule changes messing things up. I just recently got back from vacation. I was in in a differnet timezone (two hours earlier) plus a very different schedule and I had funky numbers and 2 episodes. So, YES, schedule changes really mess me up. Heres my blog on it:

My Vacation

I know what you mean Sherrie, weekends can be a nightmare as they are our only chance to catch up on the lack of sleep that we cope with during the week, however I still get up for my 07.30am shot of Levemir at the weekend and sometimes I will go back to bed afterwards…

Any schedule change screws me up big time. It is hard for me to go see family, to keep a job, to go to school anything cause the first time I miss a meal at my normal time my blood sugar is in cahoots. This past month I have started school and a new job, want to talk about a fun month. NOT

I told my husband I will have to work forever, because during the week when I am on a schedule, my bgs are pretty good most of the time and then the weekend or vacations comes in and bam, bgs are all over the place, even if I eat the same thing or at the same time.

Everytime I go to an MD appt., or some type of medical exam or test, bgs soar.


For me, once I start moving after sleep, no matter what time it is, I start headed up bg-wise. I just think it’s the body’s way of getting ready for the day - “let’s put a whole mess of sugar in her bloodstrem so she has the energy to get going” (never mind that there’s not any insulin there…On week days I get up at 5 and will start rising immediately. On weekends, if I get u at 9, I’ll start rising then. I guess it’s nice to know that there is a sort of pattern. I just correct as soon as I get up and go from there.

Gosh, I didn’t know anyone still did fasting bloodsugars - I thought they quit doing that as soon as the AlC became available. I haven’t had one (in the doc’s office) in years. Yikes! I can see where you’d have a lot of explaining to do…

ross! great response! love it.