Do some medications mess up blood sugar numbers?

i recently pulled some chest muscles by having some really deep coughing. believe me when i say i was seeing fireworks when it happened. my question is this. will the medication i have to take for the pain cause my blood sugar to go up? i am taking hydrocodone for the pain and have noticed higher readings. thanks debb…

Hi debb,
I amn truly sorry about the pain. I too am having to take hydrocodone for some very severe pain. I asked my doctor about the bounces in my blood sugar readings. He said it is always possible that the medication uis causing them. But he also said his best guess would be the pain. He says that when we have our stress level increased no matter what the cause, we tend to have an increase in adrenalin Then he said I would most likely have a rise in blood pressure as well as blood sugar. Whatever the cause of our spikes hopefully they will go down as soon as our pain goes away.