Do what you say you are going to do!

Did something stupid. Was riding with my sister yesterday, trying to catch up to the rest of our group. I turned to her (on my right) and said, “there they are we need to turn left here.” I then proceeded straight. She turned left right in front of my wheel. I went down in the middle of the road.

Can’t blame a low sugar, it was 170 at the time. Scraped elbow, bruised shin, and the front brake was rubbing. Got myself together and fixed the brake in a few minutes, but never caught the group.

Lesson: Always follow your own directions!

Sorry to hear that…at least you weren’t in Belgium with the Tour yesterday. That was one nasty day for most of the riders. Cobblestones today…love it!

I loved the commentary from the Garmin car, “Tour’s over, most of the favorites crashed” (or something like that) Guess he didn’t realize that the other teams did much better than his own. Sad thing for Garmin’s team though.

Sorry to hear you crashed. Glad to hear it wasn’t serious. Feeling sorry for VandeVelde, F. Schleck, etc. who are out of the Tour w/ broken bones.

Hope this heat wave crests soon. It’s almost too hot to ride the 1.5 miles each way to work, much less get a workout in. Even the early mornings are too hot to work out. The only A/C in the apartment is in the bedroom, and it’s not lowering the temperature there much below 85F. (We need a more powerful unit, but $$$ and the whole apartment run on one 20 amp fuse are stopping us.)