Do you celebrate?

Feb 14 is a great day for many. Happy Valentines Day everyone! But for me it is my D-anniversary. It is a day that reminds me that I have been dealing with this disease for a very long time. Type 1 since 1972, 38 years.

So, Dargirl (me), Happy D-anniversary!

You ask, "Why do I celebrate?".....I have had no serious complications, I am healthy...I have come to realize that the many tools, better insulin, better testing, better diabetes education has helped me survive. I am greatful to the Doctors and Scientist that created these tools. I appreciated for what they have done to help me with self management and survival.

How do you celebrate your D-anniversary?

Perhaps I would feel differently if I had the 38 years of experiences you have had, Dargirl, so happy d-anniversary to you!

To me (I will have 3 years in July the first half of which I was misdiagnosed as type 2) I don’t necessarily look upon it as something to celebrate, nor do I look on it as something horrible to mourn. But I think the anniversary will be an occasion for me to see the progress that I’ve made and to reflect on any changes/renewed commitment I want to make to my self-care.

I thank God I’m here to see another Valetines day. I was diagnosed in 73 so after all that has happened through out the years it makes me thankful to be here to just see another day!

Happy 38th anniversary & Valentine’s Day!

On mine, I give thanks to be alive.

Hey DarGirl - Happy D-anniversary! Until I joined up to Tudiabetes - I never thought about celebrating my D-anniversary (43 years now). Sounds like another cool way to party tho’! Whoo! Whoo! I just know for me, every day is a celebration that I’m alive and kicking, and no serious complicatons… yet (I keep on wondering when I’m going to get a swift kick in the butt).

So, what are your plans for tomorrow to ring in another year of D? Actually, where I live, it’s 12:01 AM as I post this reply to you - so it’s officially February 14th!!!

Happy D-Anniversary! Yes, I celebrate my d-anniversary by going out to my favorite resturant or eating something I wouldn’t normally eat! Have fun! Don’t party too hard.

Happy Anniversary…and wishing you many, many more years!
I dont celebrate my D anniversary…I just think how lucky I am to be alive and grateful for insulin. Keeps me living. :slight_smile:

Maybe I will start to celebrate…why not?

Yep…I think you just mentioned the reasons to celebrate =)
I myself remember each year for how truly blessed I am for being alive and healthy.
Have a great D day…and Oh…have a happy Valentines day too!

Never. It’s the day after Christmas and there’s so much going on and more to celebrate than coming down with a chronic desease! I don’t get it. Thankful maybe, thankful that I’ve done remarkably well after 36 years but celebrate??