How do you "celebrate" your diabetes anniversary!?


I am a T1 coming up on my 25th anniversary. Sometime in August 1985, when i was 11. Its wild to think about! Been some years when i didnt take such good care, and some others when i have dont all i can to take care of all this stuff we need to think about. But its been a journey to "have a relationship with diabetes," as a therapist told me once, and i feel like commemorating somehow, but not sure how.

Just wondering if anyone came up with any great ways to "celebrate" all the strides we take to do what we gotta do...

I too was diagnosed in August, in my case 1982. In reality I had been showing strong DKA symptoms since late July of that year but it wasn’t until me lapsing in and out of DKA coma that I got medical attention. Don’t really do much to celebrate it, other than always round up the number of years I’ve had it :-). In this case I’m starting my 28th year but I almost always tell folks 30 years!

I had once tried to back-extrapolate my exact date of diagnosis but to tell you the truth my personal memories from that period are all a blur. Dang coma :-). I could probably get a copy of my hospital record with date of admission etc. I do remember I got out of the hospital about two weeks after diagnosis and school had already started… probably puts it right after the middle of August.

One thing you can do if you want, is apply for a Joslin 25-year certificate. It used to be unusual for someone to be 25 years after diagnosis and going strong, so it was once a “medal”, but now I think it’s just a certificate. There are still medals for 50 and 75 years. You need some documentation, and you may be able to help expand medical knowledge of long-term diabetes treatment by some surveys or if you’re asked to participate in a research study. See

Great ideas - thanks. :wink: Now that i think about it, it was on or very near my mom’s bday when i got out of the hospital Aug 22nd. So i was probably (gulp) in the hospital about now, because i was also there about 2 weeks after a while in ICU due to severe dehydration. My mom, and needless to say I was too, so thrilled i was getting out.

I’m glad its not so rare to be going strong after 25 years. Guess we have alot to be thankful for, in a way. Do you remember those commercials with Mary Tyler Moore saying how 1 in some number of people died from diabetes bla bla bla back then? Very funny (and sad) to think about.

You made me laugh out loud reading your long list of good stuff, Danny. I love diabetic humor - like we’re in a private joke club. Think i’ll need to make one of those lists… lots and lots of corn chips of all varietes, shapes, and sizes.

I have not gotten around to applying for my 25 year medal, I think I was diagnosed in November of 1968 right before my 14th birthday… I but I think I will do the Joslin thing soon… I do not have my medical records from 1968, but my family doctor, now in his late 80’s, is still healthy and very active in my home town… I will write him and ask for his support, as he was so nice to me and told me I was his favorite diabetic!!! I saw him over the Christmas holidays and he was fit as a fiddle… Thanks for the reminder about how much I have to celebrate in being in pretty good shape…

God Bless,


Oops, shows how bad I am thinking about anniversaries. I just completed my 28th year… starting my 29th year.

I was diagnosed on my 40th bday…for real! Soooo I celebrate w/ no cake, ice cream or margaritas(:

August 1983 here. I have a big bowl of ice cream…sugar free of course!!! Seems funny that a lot of us were diagnosed in August in the early/mid 80’s!!! Too wierd

sick in August, diagnosed in September. Close!

My type 1 was diagnosed August 16, 1997. 13 years ago . . .

Happy early anniversary!

Aug 1, 1995. 15 yrs this year :slight_smile:

August 22, 1979 31 years in a few days. I thought about celebrating last year the big 30. Then life got in the way and all of a sudden it was the 24th. I toasted the memories with Diet Coke and moved on. Maybe I will celebrate my 35th.

I just go out and eat what I can on the menu for my D anniversery. I was diagnosed in August too but many years before you. I was diagnosed in August of 73 on the 10th. One year I celebreated my anniversey by giving birth to my oldest daughter on that day

I celebrated this year (year one!) with a ritualistic burning of sugar…I made Crem Brule!

I celebrate that I have SURVIVED the D!! April 4, 1974

On this day (or close) I buy myself something that promotes good health. Once a snazzy 10 speed bike in my college years. Often a new pair of walking shoes. This year an ipod that I’m loading with great tunes to walk to.

I have been a diabetic for 21 years this September…

To celebrate my 20 years… My daughters and I traveled to the Canary Islands, Spain to visit a girlfriend of mine. I had always wanted to go to Hawaii but when she moved to the “Hawaii” of Europe… what a great experience for all of us :o)

have been a type 1 for about 48 years now, I was 20 at the time. I have never celebrated much…maybe I should

Great post. Its nice to let the NEWBIES know your life isnt over. Some people are so whoa is me. Ive been diabetic since 1991 and it hasnt stopped me from playing impact sports, endurance sports, going to school, having kids, working. I dont even think about it i just go to the Bathroom check my sugar take my insulin when appropriate and walk out in under 5 minutes and continue with my normal life. I think from what ive seen the hardest part of being diabetic is people seem to let it beat them mentally.

True, Ture. I’ve been a Type 1 for 37 years and to the newbies life isn’t over it just has to be lived a little differently like C Rappa said.

I don’t do a thing to mark it. It seems like I only remember it’s been so long when I am talking to my doc or someone who knows.

Otherwise? It’s just another month in another year.

(This is 30 years exactly this month for me.)

It’s not that I don’t care! But people look at me differently than they do someone who lives so long with cancer or a diff disease.