Do you do MDI

Just wondering how many T2's do multiple daily injections, which is more common. Long acting insulin only or long acting plus short acting.

No real reason for asking, just curious.


I've done MDI's for quite a while now. Lantus twice a day (otherwise I have too many lows), and rapid insulin with each meal. It works better than using NPH twice a day, which is what I was started on at diagnosis. I added NovoRapid at lunch, but still had lows and headaches very frequently on the NPH. I got off it as soon as I could, but I had to satisfy my endo that I needed it by showing him printouts of my lows, especially at night, because where I live you can't get Lantus without proving your case first.

I was put on insulin because of concern about my kidneys. I was on Metformin but since it is processed in the kidneys I was put on Levemir which is a basal insulin. So far I do one injection a day.

I do MDI, for now, hoping to get on a pump soon. I'm tired of clock watching and the Lantus is not great for me, I really need multiple basal rates. Currently, I do Lantus a breakfast and supper and Novorapid at breakfast, lunch and supper.