Why do I feel weird with a normal BS reading?

I have been getting a lot of help here with controlling my newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes. I have been controlling it pretty well with diet changes and Metformin BID. I had a after lunch reading of 96 and I felt horrible! I was shaky, nauseated and my head felt like it was stuffed with cotton. Why would I have these types of symptoms if my readings are in the ideal range? My fasting BSs have been between 105 and 110. I try to eat no more than 45 carbs at each meal and I make sure that I am fully hydrated. I hate this weird feeling that I can’t really even explain well! I am really getting frustrated because I feel like I am doing everything that I should to control my diabetes and I have never felt worse! Any help from those of you who know what I mean would be greatly appreciated!

HI Pamela, early on with my Dx I would get an odd feeling when I would get down to 102. I would test and see all is well and just carry on. Now I am pretty stable between 85 and 130 and do not get any odd feelings until I get down to about 88. In my opinion it is a reaction to a change from what the body is used to. I would still test any time anything just doesn’t feel right to be on the safe side.

Hi Pamela, I was recently diagnosed and I know the doctor told me that it takes your body sometime to get use to the new levels because your body was used to the high one’s. This will go away once your body gets used to the new lower levels. Hang in there. God Bless.

I think that those of us that were newly dx may have had high bg for a long time. I had those feelings too and could swear that I was high but wasn’t. Our bodies get use to what ever levels we have and when we mess with the levels it startes to complain. I have been running “normal” levels for about 3 months now and do not get those eerie feelings. Hang in there and fight with it but win.

Thanks Everyone! I feel better just knowing that I am not alone! I finally called my Dr. and he said exactly what all of you are saying! Although, my Dr. is not diabetic and has not experienced what I was feeling! It really helps to hear from real people who know exactly what I mean! Thanks again buddies!