Do you ever pull the "diabetes" card?

To be honest, I’m not sure if I’m pulling the diabetes card or not. I was diagnosed in April of this year. I work full-time and study part-time. I basically put my studies on hold while I learnt about diabetes and adjusted to living with it, so I’m behind in my work. I’ve had to slow my pace of research down since being diagnosed, as daily living just takes so much more effort than it did before. So, I’m not sure if I’m making excuses or not, but sometimes after a long day at work and bouncing blood sugars I just don’t have the energy.

I have used it… but only for trivial things. I have used it to avoid eating something that I do not like… “I would LOVE to eat sushi with you, but it does crazy things to my blood sugar, so I would rather not.” =o) I have been tempted to use it as my excuse for work or school, but have not dishonestly used it. I HAVE used it for school when I really was too low, too high or in the hospital. I am not afraid of being labeled “the diabetic” because I am.

I have only pulled it a couple of times and it wasn’t a very important thing. But I remember when I was about 12 years old, my mom and grandmother and myself went to see a Willie Nelson concert. He stayed to sign autographs after and my mom told the lady I was diabetic and we had to leave to go eat and they moved us right to the front of the line. Pretty cool. It wasn’t a total lie. We couldn’t have waited the whole time.

I no longer have type 1. Six years after diagnosis, at age 49, and just 4 months ago, I got a new pancreas and I’m no longer diabetic. I’m off insulin and all diabetes meds, thank God. But when I was diabetic I used it as an excuse whenever I wanted out of something. Is that good? Probably not. But it got me out of alot of last minute family events. I never have a problem with attending family events if I know about them in advance. But my family has a tendency to throw things together at the last minute. I am impressed with getting out of the speeding ticket. That’s a classic. Good for you. But if you’re too lazy to run, just tell your brother that. No big deal. Take care. Colleen

It’s funny, I always feel greatly offended when someone accuses me of using my Diabetes as an excuse when I’m not, but not the least bit guilty when I actually do.

I’ve used it to get out of class, explain lateness, extend assignments, eat in places I’m not supposed to (like the computer lab), etc. I never really thought much about it till just now. It seems so menial, considering this is something I have to live with everyday and sometimes these things do happen.

I haven’t gotten out of much because of the diabetes, but having a chornic illness has taught me to say no significantly more than I used to. But I don’t use diabetes as the excuse, I’ve learned my limits and listen to my body more than I once did. 3 kids don’t help matters either. I have been caught without a soda or something while out and gone to a concession stand and said I’m diabetic and I’m having a low, may I have… typically I get it for free, but when they see me down a coke in 3 seconds, they know I’m not pulling their leg.

The only time I did was a few days after I got diagnosed. I had a mid-semester exam and I got an extension on it. I don’t suppose that was an excuse though I really was not ok to do the test. :blush:

i’m sure i pulled it plenty when i was young, but now that i’m with someone i love and going to school to get a more physically demanding career i see the diabetes card as more hindering than helpful. if i constantly pulled that with my fiance he’d worry that i will always feel sick and not be able to share a full life with him. if people think that diabetes is a liability at my school and my externships no one is going to want to hire me because they’ll see me as unreiable and unable to keep up. i don’t always feel great, but i grit my teeth and bare it when i have to and if i have to duck out for a couple of minutes to go eat some candy during class it’s okay. i’m trying to show people that diabetes isn’t a deal breaker in life and it’s not a crutch. it’s a blip on the radar of my life that occasionally needs some extra attention. i don’t really expect any special treatment for it anymore and i don’t think i really want it.

i’ve used to get out of exercising at practice when i really didn’t want to do something. also if i get hungry and u can’t eat where i’m at