Confession: Diabetes is a great excuse for

not eating out - especially if I am reasonably sure that I probably won’t care for the menu. Ever try and figure out the carbs in a vegetarian Mongolian BBQ???

I know that it is wrong to bounce between trying to overcome this disease while also using it as a crutch to get out of doing stuff I don’t want to do. Does anybody else either do this, or heard how others do?

“i’m low” is my excuess for anything stupid i do! and like eating in class and getting out of class(=

I used it to get out of jury duty. Well, I guess it was a mostly reasonable excuse. But had I really wanted to do it, I could have.

I have never used me being a diabetic as an excuse for anything really. Maybe its because I have only been DX’d about 3 months ago lol.
BUT I want to try this…
If I get caught speeding. “Sorry officer my blood sugar is low” Yeah I am a type 2 but cops don’t know the difference anyways!