Do you guys know about Fit Day?


Hey guys!

I was updating my info on and thought that you guys might not know about that page.

It’s a very basic calorie/carb/protien/fat counting journal that also lets you log your exercise and stuff. The thing I like most about it is that it’s free - but it also doesn’t try to push any type of diet on you. You can look at the carb count if you want to do that, or the calories, or whatever and still keep yourself on track.

I used it back a few years ago and it helped me lose a lot the first time, so I’m trying it again. The reports section is really neat too - like the eaten/burned report lets you see how much you eat on average and how much you burn on average during a week or month or whatever. That helped me keep on track a little more because even when I slipped up and ate a candy bar or whatever, I could look at that and see that on average I’m doing good and I didn’t just undo a whole months worth of work.

I though it might be helpful for some of you like it helped me the first time around! :slight_smile:



Thank you for the suggestion to check out…I’m going to give it a look see. ;0) Anna


Hey there…

I’ve been using Fitday for about 5 weeks now… I bought the stand alone program and am using it… I like it better as its faster than the webpage version… and I like the fact that once you enter a food it there for keeps…

And I agree the food tracking and the graphs and stuff gives you a sence of accoplishment that just writing it down doesn’t, prob because you can manulate the data into all the neat eyecandy graphs and charts.


Rachel, that is such a great site! I’m gonna check it out as soon as I finish up with my assignment.


Yeah - I love all the little charts and stuff. Plus its awesome to know how much your body burns even when you are sitting on your butt all day! :slight_smile:

NOTE TO USERS THOUGH!! - Don’t forget to put in your time sleeping in the activites section! Otherwise for some reason they think you stayed up all night or something. It actually brings your normal days calorie burn amount down like 400 calories! When I first started I was like “WOW! I am burning calories like a mad woman!” but no, not really… :slight_smile:

I would LOVE to use the home version (more charts!) but it doesn’t work on Macs! Boo! :frowning:



Hi Rachel:

Thanks for the info.