Keeping Track of Food

What do you use to keep track of food? Hopefully something web-based would be best. I don’t really want something to dictate what it thinks my nutritional goals should be, I would rather put them in myself. I’m trying to follow this hybrid exchange diet my dietitian gave me, where I get 11 carb servings per day and need to stay below 1800 calories per day.

Big fan of myfooddiary online (about $9 a month). Also weight watchers has a food journal online. If you prefer to do it locally on your hard drive, I highly recommend FitDay. My husband used it for over a year and loved it.

I like MFD and have used it in the past. I keep trying to make myself use Sparkpeople because it’s free, but I just don’t like the interface.

I prefer to do it online so I can track at home and at work. The Fitday online app is truly bad. I have heard good things about the offline version but obviously wouldn’t work with me being mobile.

I’m having a hard time finding a good place to track my BG for this very reason. I’d like to do it from home and from work so online is best. Now that I have my data cable I will probably start uploading readings to Sugarstats. I wish I liked Sugarstats food logging!

By the way I am a veteran Weight Watcher, but it doesn’t give any info on carbs at all so I’d still have to track that by hand.