Do you have a name for your meter

Hi Everyone I am shelly and I just was wondering if any of you have a name for your meter I call mine rose and my lanet is jack the ripper

haha nice I don’t have a name but when I take it out and test at work or in class and someone is looking I mime pulling a gun and say in my best Pacino voice (which isn’t very goo, i’ll admit, though my Nicholson is awesome) “Say hello to my little friend!”

ryan wins, we should all bow down to him

I agree, I can’t top ryan’s reply. Until now, I didn’t think my meter needed a name. As of now, it’s: "My little friend."
Thanks Ryan.

never thought of naming my meter, but now you have the brain ticking for one

hey guys if all us come up with some good names for are meter I may do a top list on a poll and we can vote for are favorite

well sometimes i call it bad names if i dont like the number i see! haha

LOL that’s hilarious! maybe i’ll name my lancet “sir lancelot” or something

Good one Heather. Aye, I call it a ■■■■■, most of the time.

hey josephine come to think of it i’ve called my meter the same thing as you! LOL

hell no!

and I hate the meter commercials so much, they make me wanna fight! Especially the one where the pregnant woman says its her “best friend”. Puh-leeze!! What about a meter makes anyones life “easier”? Than what? 50 years ago?

Junk because they are so inaccurate. I still love my 15 second old ascentia contour much better than the 5 second ones.

I keep thinking of calling my FreeStyle Flash “Free Willy-Style” because it comes kinda naturally. But there has to be something more creative, and Bart Allen is a bit obscure for most people (

I call my OmniPod Mr. Ed…I have no idea why. My meter is build into it. I just call my lancets pricks…or pokers.

I call mine “CRAP!” most of the time! Hate that little sucker and his readings! LOL

Okay… now I know for sure that I’m not alone. I, too, have as pet name for my meter. Now, I may be giving away my age (and my goofy sense of humor) but if you remember a sketch on SNL with Mike Myers, “Sprockets” (if you don’t, I’m sure you can YouTube it), well… I call my Meter “Deter” and when it’s time to test, I say to my husband or anyone else around “Now ze time on Sprockets ven ve dance” Sometimes I throw in “Vould you like to touch my monkey? Touch him. TOUCH HIM!!!”

Er… Uhm… not just lancets… I, cough-cough, call other things… oh, nevermind. No comment.
…(0 0)
.—oOO-- (_)-----.
║ HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! ║
… || ||
… ooO Ooo

anytime :slight_smile:

haha nice :wink:

that reminds me of the hans and franz “ve’re here to pump you up” sketches!