Pimp My Meter

Do you ever wish your meter was more interesting? My meter has this boring message when I test - it says “apply blood”. Whenever I read it I think it should be more exciting. I think it should say “feed me, Seymour!” instead, like Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors (I then get the song stuck in my head for the rest of my day).

Other than Little Shop of Horrors, if I was coming up with themes for my meter I would do a cool vampire/gothic one - based on Blade, Underworld, or Anne Rice.

Or maybe a guy testing out a microphone at sound check - “testing, testing, 1 2 3”.

Yes Megan,it will be more fun and a little bit humanized especially for kids.What a great idea.

Megan…you might have already thought of all the good ideas! I’d just be happy to stop my meter from screaming BEEEEEEP 3 times at me everytime I use it.

That’s a good idea and I agree kids would love it. It would probably make boys want to test there BG in front of their friends instead of being ashamed or embarrased.

Andrea B.

It could play “Sugar, Sugar” by the Archies!!


That’s great! I did a dance to that song when I was in primary school. “Sugar, oh honey honey, you are my candy girl, and you got me wanting you!!!”.

“Pour some sugar on me, in the name of love.” haha.

That would be great if we could theme our meters.

A big note to all our electronic people. We want our meters updated like our phones. !!!

Hmm… UltraMini and Contour come in colors (I have the pink UM); Aviva has skins you can get for it (free in the US – I have a planets skin on mine). And of course you can make a custom case, or buy one from someone like Rickina.

BTW, my Advocate Duo (crappy blood pressure monitor, so-so glucometer), in talking mode, has a very mechanical voice (your choice of computerized English or computerized Spanish).

Sohair, I saw something on Amy Tenderich’s blog… don’t know if it’s on the market or just a design… about something that looked like a wrist watch but changed color (like the old “mood rings”) to tell if a kid was running high or low…

I stopped at the Animas table at a Diabetes Expo and jokingly asked the rep if it would play music.

“Yes!” he said.

The Animas pump has musical alarms. And yo can customize them. I mean pimp them.

Of course you all know what stupid song has been bouncing in and out of my brain all day…

Love Little Shop of Horrors! It used to be my take along tape (before CDs) on long drives. Yea, embarrassing to admit, but I’d sing along & know all the songs. Haven’t thought about this in years.

What does it say when our cells have more features than our meters?

How about a happy voice (of our choosing) when numbers are good? Or, applause. For days when numbers aren’t so great, a gentle comforting voice that says, “you’re doing great, don’t be discouraged.”

I think it should be a mp3 player so that we would never forget to test are blood because we never to forget to entertain are self with music …Rite?.Plus how cool would that be …

you know the breeze 2 has the strips inside on a disc. you pull out a handle they come up in the front. you could build around it so that the strip would come off the plants mouth. remember it must be blood, and it must be fresh… LOL