Do you have gastroparesis? Introduce yourself here!


Hi all,

2 questions from a GP newbie…

I had my gastric emptying study and I’m trying to find a source that will tell me if it’s mild or severe (doc just said “slow”). I had 87% left at 3 hours and then 31% at 4 hours. Anyone know of any sources to compare?

Also, my GI doc wants to try me on domperidone now but doesn’t know of a Canadian pharmacy to refer to me. Does anyone know of a reputable one?

Thanks, everyone!!


That’s a good question. I was tested about the same. I digested 20% of my contents at 2 hours. But I don’t consider myself severe even though when I heard that number I thought it was extremely low.


I have a question. Anyone out there have success with gluten free? I am not a Celiac - tested negative, no family history. But my sister was on chemo and they recommended a gluten free diet and said it is good for people other than Celiac. There is actually a HUGE area of my grocer dedicated to gluten free but it seems expensive and confusing for the whole family to deal with.


I am celiac, so I do eat gluten-free. After going gluten-free, my gastroparesis episodes decreased and when they do happen, they don’t last as long. They also aren’t near as nasty tasting when I burp or when the rancid stuff in my stomach comes up into my esophogus.


I didn’t do the testing for Celiacs but have all the symptoms when i eat gluten. I used to always be nauseous that I thought was the gastroparesis, but that went away when I quit eating gluten. I would do some research before guying some of those products - I ordered bread and it was about $10 a loaf for a very tiny loaf. It was horrible. I have since read that most of the breads are but Pams mix is supposed to be good. I bought the gluten free Bisquick at Wally World for about $5 and made pizza crust. It wasn’t too bad for my first try.


I have celiac and was dx’d with that before GP, so don’t know about the difference because I have nothing to compare it to… THere’s a celiac group on the site that has good advice on recipes/cheap eats. For breads, I recommend the Udi brand for better taste and price!


One of my students last year was diagnosed and everyday was in a panic for awhile so I started buying gluten free treats for her - cookies, crackers, etc. just to make her feel special/important/ and some of them don’t look too bad. As a rule though I don’t eat alot of cookies and crackers so it helps to hear about the bread and pasta choices - thanx. I think a week trial might be in order.


How serious is gastroparesis? I heard someone the other day was planning on getting a stomach transplant…


Ive had it over a year and it makes it hard to hold a reliable blood sugar


Kristen, I just posted about the gastroparesis in your pain thread. There are varying degrees of it. Some people have a very mild form and some people have it very severe. I have managed to improve mine some by getting my blood sugar under control - I can eat a salad once in awhile without getting sick like I used to. There are some foods you should avoid because they can become hard in your stomach & you would need surgery to remove them. Like Andrew said, it is hard on your BS, but it is not impossible.


tyhanks. I’m hoping I can get everything under control. my A1C is 9.5. Thats good for me, but I want it in a more normal level.


Its tough for me my digestion times are never the same


Andrew, part of gastropareiss is irregular digestion times. I literally test my BS every hour and then take small doses of insulin to try and stop my BS from getting too high. I try to only eat foods on the gastroparesis diet - they cause problems but other things are worse. I don’t eat protein for dinner because then I know I will wake up with high BS - my dinner is a liquid meal. My gastric emptying time came back pretty bad. Most foods make me sick there are a lot of things I avoid. Two of my three meals are liquid meals.


I cant do liquid it doesnt fill me up and my endo wants mr to have protein at every meal


Dr. Bernstein is the one that suggests limiting protein with dinner. Why does your endo think you need it with every meal? Although I would prefer to eat protein over carbs for dinner, it only causes too many problems.


I eat a small amount of protein for dinner because it takes too long to digest at the time of day when my digestion is already the slowest. Red meat takes forever, so I eat fish, chicken or eggs.

I also have protein shakes. They’re very filling. I use whey protein powder, unsweetend almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, sweetener & a raw egg yolk. Thick, yummy & satisfying.


My gastroparesis was first diagnosed in 1987, so I’ve dealt with it for 24 years. At one point it was totally unbearable. I could barely leave the house because of the symptoms. The two things that helped me get a better handle on it was tightening my blood sugar levels by going with insulin pump therapy 17 years ago and then being diagnosed with celiac disease 7 years ago and going on a gluten-free diet. I do still have bouts of gastroparesis, but it is not an every day occurrence now and it is very mild compared to years ago. I am so happy to have less liquid or soft food meals. Andrew, I have never heard of an endo who promotes protein at every meal. Your endo must not have many patients he/she treats with gastroparesis. Proteins don’t break down well with an idle stomach. Hopefully he/she at least told you to not eat “solid” meats (steak, pork chops, chicken breast, etc.) when your gastroparesis is flaring up. At most, you should eat small amounts of ground meats. When my gastroparesis is active, the only protein I eat at dinner time is chicken broth when I make soup.


Mine is unpredictable he wants me to do it because im known for lows and hypo unaware so protein acts like a barrier


I am hypo unaware as well. For me, proteins do not prevent lows, gastroparesis or not, so it wouldn’t be a barrier for me. My barrier is that my endo upped my goal BG to 120 +/-10 instead of 80 +/-10. If proteins do raise your blood sugar, if you are eating proteins with active gastroparesis, they aren’t digesting properly to prevent lows and may be slowing the digestion of the carbs that you are taking insulin to cover.


Im saying what he tells me and it seems to work more then it doesnt