Do you have gastroparesis? Introduce yourself here!


I have been diabetic for 39 years and was on reglan for about 8 years. I was taken off of it last Oct due to the FDA warning. Since then I have so much bloating and nausea off and on, I’m very uncomfortable. It also effects my blood sugars dramatically. My Dr & Nurse just keep adjusting my boluses and basal rates, carb/insulin ratios. It isn’t working. Has anyone heard or had experience with the Gastric Electrical stimulation implant?


I too used to be on Reglan for a long time until I experienced a bad side effect one day from it, Tardive Dyskensia, which is uncontrolled muscle movements.

I also have the Gastric Stimulator/pacer, which I got in 2002. It doesn’t really do anything to help your blood sugar fluctuations from the delayed gastric emptying, nor is it meant for that purpose. What it does though that is of great benefit is decrease nausea and vomitting symptoms. It doen’t completely elimanate it, but it can really be helpful in preventing most of these symptoms from escalating into a major GP episode. This used to be a major problem for me. Once the nausea and vomiting started it would not stop and I would end up in the ER or admitted to the hospital. This rarely happens now since getting the device.


OMG – I went to work today to fix my room up for the coming year and a new teacher walked through. I welcomed her and we got to talking and I mentioned I had a refrigerator in my room because of my diabetes and gastroparesis – she has asthma and gastroparesis. I have never met anyone else with gastroparesis. Yeah! She doesn’t have the problems I do with BS but she at least knew what it was. I don’t know why but it was so cool.


on disability because of gastroparesis, thanks to my pump for suspend. can not do that with shots. serious bummer glad to find this group


Hi All,
I’m newly dx’ed with gastroparesis and looking for some tips and support! I’m on nexium and reglan but still vomiting every day, and use MDI of humalog and levemir for diabetes. Does anyone know of a good book on gp? I’m looking for one with info on treatment, diet advice, etc. Also, anyone here w/ diabetes, gp, AND celiac? I’m having trouble with figuring out what to eat… so feeling pretty weak most of the time. Any info/tips would be appreciated.


I don’t know how to comment to a specific post…but in reply to gastric stimulator, I have one. I got it in 2006 and it is the best decision I ever made. It took about 6 months to start to work but now I only throw up a few times a year (i was in the hospital 3 times a month before the pacemaker). I can now exercise which also helps I think. If you have the resources to get one and have a severe enough case of GP to warrant surgery (I was in the hospital for a week after to recover with a feeding tube placed for 6 months so I could gain weight) then I would look into it.


Katie, I was officially diagnosed with gastroparesis in 2003. I wrote an article for my blog with some tips for managing blood sugar with gastroparesis – maybe something will help. The article also has a link to the gastroparesis diet. Although I was not officially diagnosed with Celiacs, I suspect I have it. I quit eating gluten & did not do the testing. I am a pretty boring eater though! I do use Boost Glucose Control n a daily basis to help get some nutrients I don’t get otherwise.


Katie- reglan didn’t work for me. And when i stopped taking it my vomiting dropped to a few times a week. Apparently some small percentage of people on reglan experience ‘severe gastric distress’ as a side effect. You may want to ask your doctor if that could be you. I found out when i was too sick to keep the pill down. 4 hours after i misred the dose i felt well enough to eat saltines for the first time in weeks. Tried domperidone but didnt like it. Now i manage with diet and an insulin pump. mostly low residue diet with really experimental sauces. Was bad last week and cheated with some popcorn and i am still feeling it though.


oh and katie, here’s something i made for fun in response to the family and friends who are frustrated by not being able to cook for me - it’s not 100% accurate [there was no room for olives] and not everything on here is necessarily right for you [i can eat tree nuts, not everyone with GP can] but it might give you a giggle and an idea of where to start


I chose not to take reglan due to the side effects and from what I understood, I could only take it for 3 months.


Does everyone with gastro vomit? I get nauseas every once in a while but I do not have to vomit like most of the people I’ve talked to.


crystal, no, not everyone. i have another friend with it who doesn’t but she’s had it for a couple of decades and apparently she used to.
i’ve had it since 2008 and with careful diet and watching how i move [if i lean or hunch too much i fail] i only vomit a few times a month now, down from three or four times a day in the beginning.


Marti, that’s great that it improved for you!!! I didn’t know about controlling it by the way a person moves. That’s interesting.


Crystal, I rarely throw up and if I do, it is usually because I was sick with the flu or something. I was always nauseous,. but even that went away after I went gluten free.


crystal, anything that puts compression on my abdomen starts sending food back up. fat cat jumping on me when i sleep, sitting slouched over, whatever.
also, since i started sleeping on my right side and now that i wear a continuous glucose monitor, i can see the difference in digestion overnight and how sleeping on my right side moves food but sleeping on my back leaves it to turn funny overnight and i get sick the next day.


I feel queasy when I bend over & also have that odd feeling when my stomach finally does empty. I’ve only vomited a few times & that was from eating larger portions than I normally do.


thanks so much for the tips and links! it ended up being an eventful day… landed myself in the ER, faintness that ended up being from dehydration from vomiting. Doc took me off reglan and now I’m on to zofran. Anyone have experiences with zofran?


ouch katie! i hope they gave you lots of fluids!


also, Marti, I LOVE your diagram!! will have to print it out and share with friend and family :slight_smile:


My preferences on eggs and mushrooms are not gastro related so you might want your own chart. I can link you to the free software later if you want