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I agree with Emmy. You can't test and inject just once a day and expect to have good control. The need for control is 24/7. Maintaining good control with both fast acting and long lasting insuling is very possible but it requires a testing regime such as Emmy suggested with long lasting once or twice a day and fast acting before each meal. The testing is there to guide you in making the right dosing decisions.

This is called MDI or Multiple Daily Injection. This treatment option or an insulin pump are the best treatment options currently availiable for insulin dependant diabetics.

Gary S

OH yeah I almost forgot. Welcome Sadiemai and Phil. Please come join in our discussions.

I know, I know. I test and inject only once per diem, in the evening. I understand that I must follow the program and do my due diligence in order to successfully control this thing. My meter even has a mechanism that can beep to remind me. There is virtually nothing standing in my way. Except myself. Thanks for the comments. They are the only thing that seem to work to get me to test on a more regular basis.

Further to this, I know that I do not, nor do I expect to have good control when not testing or shooting up regularly.

However, I believe that events at work yesterday have really nudged me toward being more disciplined toward life. I had an extreme high and had to come home and start shooting insulin immediately. In total, I shot 50 units of Humalog over five hours in order to help stabilize at 11, which is 198 American. That and slow carbs (veg) helped me to stabilize.

Hi Andy

I'm hope that you continue to hang out here at Tudiabetes. I was like you 18 months ago and then my doctor put me on insulin, that was my wake-up call. I watched and listened especially to the T1's. I learned what they have had to do for the most of their lives just to survive and was amazed. Then I realized that there is now little difference between me and them, now I have to do what they do to survive. For us T2's on insulin this site is a great resource. There are super knowledgeable T1's and T2's that we just have to listen to in order to learn. And there are some very savvy T2's out there that understand things from our perspective. And they are all willing to help

It looks like you have the necessary tools and it looks like you have the knowledge. We just need to get you motivated to test and inject more frequently.

The hard part for us is to do so without nagging because we know that doesn't help. I assume you wish to do better since you are coming here to Tudiabetes. Let us know what we can do to help you.

Gary S

Gary; I really appreciate that. Just being able to hang with fellow Diabetics will help. I've been a member for a year or two now, and have been on insulin for about 5 yrs now, but have slacked off on testing and pre-prandial injection. I sometimes just lack care, I guess. I know that I need to get with the program and am present here to do that. Keeping it in the forefront will help immensely.

Hi CWDancer Welcome to our group.

Hi Christina and welcome to the group!

Awe thanks!

Hi Christina. Who's the cutie in your picture. Welcome

Okay; maybe I'm on to something; I'm drinking a high protein "shake" each morning instead of a more refined breakfast. I have had to reduce my insulin and metformin by 1/4 dosage.
As well, I've had to cinch up my belt, as my pants are falling down otherwise. I wonder what's next? Steps toward health?

I guess a high protein shake is a low carb meal. That beats anything refined any day. When I hear refined I think carbs.

If we keep making steps forward surely we will eventually get there. Keep up the good work a 1/4 drop in meds is impressive.

Gary S

It's a body hack that I learned from Tim Ferriss's 4 hour body. It's working. In other news; I went to my endo today. he is still pushing the kidney and liver destroying high BP and high Cholesterol pills. They gotta be getting a kickback. I'd rather die suddenly than to die slowly while running to the hospital for dialysis every few days.

That is my daughter she is 20 months old :slight_smile:

Welcome to ksbiker and Easy Ed!

Been in hospital, see my blog post for details. Won't be online much for a while. I hope Stemwinder, Ila and other long time members can keep an eye on things here for me.

Please everyone join me in sending Emmy get well wishes.

Very best of wishes and prayers for a quick recovery Emmy.