Do you treat yourself at the weekend

Don't drink anymore, don't smoke, don't do an awful lot that I would consider fun. I do however allow myself a treat of a few extra carbs at the weekend. It helps me get through the week. Anyone else go a bit mad in order to stay sane ?

Its football season, so yes I do on occasion

Think that's the trick, not to feel bad or guilty. Put a good bit of effort in during the week, so we deserve a treat now and then.

Like you I have given up most of the fun things but I have treated myself to a little extra on weekends. I have for the most part stopped that too because I found I was treating myself to a few extra pounds which for a insulin resistant T2 can be quite bad. I worked very hard to gey my weight back into the normal range and I don't want to let carb cravings send me back into the overweight catagory.

Me I'm a carbaholic and must abstain but if you can get by with it I see no reason not to enjoy the low hanging fruits occasionally.

Gary S

I eat ice cream on occasion. there is a vanilla that is made in a hard pack by a local creamery, that I really like. The store will dish it in a cone or cup, and I always get two scoops in a cup. I have no idea what the carb content is, but I always seem to bolus 7-10 units, and am almost always sky high in the two hour test. Eventually my levels come down. Being sick for a few hours keeps me grounded.

Nope, never. It's too hard for me to get back on track. Not my blood sugar, it's very cooperative, but I can gain 5 pounds so fast you wouldn't believe it. Then it takes weeks to get rid of it. I don't relate food to fun, though. For that matter, I don't think of smoking and drinking as fun either. So I guess I don't feel deprived.

Think I'm a carboholic too, wonder do they have meetings ?

I'm trying my very best to avoid serious sugar, sometimes it's not always possible. I find that when I inject that much insulin I go high sky after the sugar, then have a horrible hypo. It's not worth the hassle.

I find driving fast is quite good fun. Do you enjoy exercise Cosumne ? I wish I could get into it. Dancing yeah, that's about it.

I whoop it up evenings and weekends. Not as much as I used to but I still drink and eat lot more at those times. Maybe not as much during the day on the weekend, as we're running around all the time.

You burn it off though. As I sit here eating two biscuts.

So far, since the end of the 20 mile run this AM, I've had 2x Coors Lites (beer day w/ running group...), 3-4 large handfuls of Veggie Stix (basically potato chips but some are red and green b/c they put spinach and tomatoes in so they can claim they are healthy. They were damn tasty...), some homemade granola (too much coconut), a popsicle, then @ home a can of tuna mixed up w/ diced avocados on Wheat Thins w/ Sriracha sauce. And some potato chips I had in the cupboard. *urp*

Our treat is going out for supper on Sat. prepping, no clean up and enjoy the ambiance .I do stick to same amount of carbs ( guess at 48 grams ) ...but must admit I do like our recently dug up home grown red skin spuds ( low GI)

Before I had such severe neuropathy that my walking can be described as a controlled stumble, I used to love to walk and to ride my horse. I couldn't walk at all for a year or so. I recently discovered water aerobics and chair pilates, though, and love them. I only dance in my mind, but I'm really good at it.

Yes, AR, but you are such a freak. I say that in a nice way.

if i go out to dinner, i will low carb as usual but then have cheesecake for dessert.

I haven't so far, but I eat things I like everyday... I'm still working on getting used to this and stabilizing... I would like to have some wine here and there.. I haven't tried that yet to see what happens... shopping is my treat for myself, it rarely makes you gain weight and it doesn't affect my bg! I do think we need to treat ourselves though with everything we go through, yes- not to go insane with all this stuff, if you can do it with food without messing things up that is good, I don't think I can so far to any large degree.

My fav dessert is 0% Fage yogurt with strawberries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, vanilla, sweet leaf chocolate and toffee flavored liquid stevia & a tiny bit of bourbon. If I keep the portions small it is quite low carb and it never seems to spike me the way other things do. This is my food treat for nearly every day not just for the weekend and I consider it to be a supplmentation too with the yogurt...

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. HST

Whatever gets you through the night, or M-F days. Yea, the trick is to get back on course & not feel guilty about a few side steps.

My downfall is bread, good crusty bread. I'd rather eat bread than dessert. Avoid bread completely at home, but turn to mush when presented with tempting bread in restaurants. Found that a few glasses of dry red wine counteracts a couple pieces of bread. Can't say if wine works with other temptations.

I learned when I got into recovery from my eating disorder, that I need to look at "treats" as other things than food. I also enjoy what I eat every day and that is very important to me, both for my ED and my D. But when I'm feeling the need to "treat myself" I do something that makes me feel good whether it's a hot spring, a weekend away, a small shopping trip (I'm a great shopper and can be very happy with spending very little, shopping is entertainment to me!), talking with a loved one, reading a good book, etc. I once had a saying on my fridge: "There's no love in here". I also don't believe in "being bad" "feeling guilty", or "being good". I'm way too old for those ways of thinking about myself or life. I make my choices and if they aren't working I change them.