Doctor visit

Just got back from my Endo visit and My A1c is 6.0!! I am so stinkin happy:0) I have been working so hard and as you all know it is not an easy battle. I have been resisting the pump for quite some time, but I finally excepted the brochures from my doctor, he has suggested two options, the Animas One touch Ping, and the Paradigm Revel MiniMed. I am feeling a little overwhelmed, but I am so OVER 5+ injections a day. Any advise on the pump in general and the two options I was given?

I love my Medtronic pump. I resisted it for *years*, since pumps were invented but really have liked it quite a bit. It really helped me get my life in order in many ways. It sounds like you're doing pretty well. I also found the pump to be less work and think there's a lot to be said for that! Great job on the A1C!

My pump warranty just expired and I’m in the process of deciding what to do next. My main suggestion is to investigate all of your options. Animas and Medtronic are good choices, but you should also consider the Omnipod. I think that there is also an Accu-Chek pump. The newest pump is the Tandem which is a touch screen. You should definitely check it out.

My problem right now is that I really like the Dexcom CGMS. My understanding is that Animas will be the first pump to integrate with the Dex. If I compared today’s pumps, I would continue with my Medtronic Revel. However, if I look at the pumps of tomorrow, I would choose the Animas/Dex combo which has not been released yet. My best guess is that I will buy an Anomas Ping because it has a $99 upgrade program to get the new pump when it is released. But it could easily be a year before that happens.

My suggestion is to read everything online about all of the pumps. Then make contact with the local reps of each type of pump to meet with them and see the pump in real life.

Remember this is your decision and you are the one who will live with this pump for 4 years (the typical warranty period).

Thanks everyone. I did hear about the Ping linking with Dexcom. I have the Dexcom CGM right now and I LOVE it. My CDE told me she is going to a conference about this pump the summer 2013....I wonder if I can upgrade then?