So i’ve got the doctor tomorrow! Hopefully we can sort out this going low all the time and get me some better control. I bet my A1C is gonna be good, only because of the lows! But I’m sort of scared to go yet looking forward to it. Just hope they can help me figure all this out =)

I keep having this horrible thought that there going to tell me I’m going blind and my feet need cutting off! I think I’m going to cry with stress if I keep thinking about itt. Ahhhhhh - can you take it away please?

Anyway I’ve decided to give myself a thumbs up for no reason, or just because hope is all I’ve got at this poiint!


honestly i hate the doctors, just make sure you understand everything they say. Bring in a list of questions beforehand, and write down everything they want you to do or change.

Great suggestion, Domo. Writing questions down to ask or writing down the accomplishments that I want to make sure I let my doc know about makes me feel more in control of the pace and direction of the appointment. I don’t ever go in wondering how it will go. I go in with a goal and an idea of how to meet it.

I always ask for a copy of my office visit record to be sent to me when it becomes available. That record can be quite enlightening. Best regards, Lucy