Just got back from my doctor's appointment

I'm so happy right now.

So proud of myself.

My appointment today was to discuss the results of my blood work that i did in December.

She said my numbers looked really good.

My A1C when I was diagnosed was a 9.9. It went down to 7.6. She said that was pretty good for just a month and that she thinks it will get down to 6 in the next few months. *crosses fingers*

The big thing and what I am most proud of is the weight loss. I have lost a total of 33 pounds since I was diagnosed. I'm so happy.

I will get my cholesterol checked in the next go around of testing.

My only other problem today, thought it might have to do with my levels, but not, was this nagging headache I've been having. She said it was just a tension headache and i told her I thought it was that too and that I have just been stressed a bit at work. New Year's overload. Should be ending soon and then some nice relaxing time at work. *fingers still crossed*

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Take Care.