Doctors. Bleh

Didn’t sleep much last night - overdid on the weekend I think, doing a spring clean of the kitchen, and so I was up every hour all night long, plus headed into work early.

So I was not at my best today for my yearly physical, which I find stressful to begin with.

I didn’t have the energy to badger for printouts of my tests and such, and ended up just peering over her shoulder as she skimmed down going ‘this is normal, this is normal, this is normal’.

My cholesterol is improved, and is no longer a great big red mark on the screen, so I would assume I’m on the high end of normal instead of just past it. I couldn’t make out the numbers, the scrolling was too fast.

My b12’s still staying normal too, which is great. I hated giving myself those shots. ( Gee, is it a wonder I don’t want to become insulin dependant.)

Depressingly, my a1c is, apparently, 6.0. Which means it was 5.3 last year, and despite cutting out a ton of carbs from my diet, and seeing better blood meter numbers, I’ve gotten worse?

I did mention that my meter results were nothing near that, and she just nodded and said ‘That’s okay’. In finer form, I would have argued, I suppose. It’s hard to argue with a doctor for me. It’s like saying, ‘well, you’ve taken many years of study, and I’ve read up on the internet, and I think I know more than you do…’. I mean, it may be that I do, but… eh. I had a doctor once in university who appreciated me doing research, but not in the decade since.

sigh I’m planning on moving to a different city in the next year (please, let that work out!), so I’ll get new doctors then. I’m just going to go into a holding pattern and trust my meter for now. And hope that I’ll end up with a doctor who doesn’t think an a1c of 6 is great for a prediabetic and is interested in helping me self manage.


Been there!!!

We are our own best doctors.