Doctor's chart note requirements for Medicare?

I currently get my pump supplies from CCS Medical. I recently switched from Tandem’s TruSteel infusion set to their AutoSoft 90. CCS Medical tells me because I switched from a ‘needle’ infusion set to a teflon cannula that my Doctor needs to write a new prescription because Medicare requires it.

My doctor is a GP because there are no Endocrinologists in our town. My GP is a really nice doctor who listens when a patient comes to her with any kind of problem. However each time that her office sends CCS Medical the chart notes for my pump supplies, it seems that they omit some crucial piece of information according to CCS Medical.

Can anyone give me the information or a link that Medicare is requiring specifically for changing infusion sets more than every 3 days? CCS Medical tells me that Medicare rules changed for 2018 but they don’t seem to know just exactly what changed. They don’t have a form for the doctor to fill out - the chart notes are supposed to contain certain information.


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I suggest you phone Medicare directly and ask them. I don’t know why people are always reluctant to call Medicare and speak to them. I have always received respectful answers and explanations from them. In most instances, it was not Medicare that created the limits I was questioning, but insurance companies. Most of the time it was a simple requirement that my doctor write a specially worded prescription. Try calling Medicare.


This conversation is going on nearby. You two should talk.

I followed your suggestion this morning and learned that CCS Medical is not on Medicare’s approved list of suppliers. Medicare representative gave me a list of approved providers in my area that may or may not accept my application and my secondary insurance as well. I appreciate your suggestion to call Medicare.

You compose exactly what Medicare asks for/ requires. Take it to your doc. Explain the problem. She’ll sign it and send it forward.

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