Trouble with pump supplier

I use CCS Medical for my insulin pump supplies and for the past year I have had minor problems with them. Now in the year 2018 they tell me that Medicare’s requirements for insulin pump infusion sets have changed. If I need to change infusion sets more than every 3 days, my doctor has to write that down in her chart notes.

I talked to doctor about this at my last visit in December 2017 and she complied and did write down that I need to change infusion sets every two days. However when I received my pump supply order a few days ago from CCS, they sent only enough to change every 3 days. Does anyone know what Medicare requires to be included in the chart notes specifically? My Doctor is a GP, I don’t have an Endocrinologist nor is there one available where I live.

Perhaps your GP needs to use the words, “It is a medical necessity that,” you have additional infusion sets. Some people used to have to submit a form claiming ‘medical necessity’ for Dexcom supplies and stuff. Could just be an issue with the supplier though.

I’m sorry! That’s frustrating. CCS should have confirmed the number of boxes with you before sending it out. They may have made an error when they sent out the amount they did. Did you try calling them to see what the problem was? I’m surprised they sent a different amount than your doctor specified without speaking to you.

I’m not on Medicare, but there are a few people on here that are. Perhaps they’ll chime in. This sounds like more of a distributor problem to me. They should’ve contacted you before sending you out a different amount than your doctor prescribed.


I have called CCS Medical three times about this problem. I did not know they weren’t sending enough supplies for me to change every 2 days until I received my shipment from them. Earlier this afternoon I spoke with Tandem’s sales department to inquire if I could purchase a box of infusion sets to cover my need to change more often. When I explained WHY to Tandem the lady said “We have a team here that attempts to work out any disputes about supplies with the supplier. Would you like us to try to intervene on your behalf.”? I told her “Yes, please do.” So, it remains to be seen whether they are successful or not.

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I have been having the same problem with CCS Medical. My endo and his staff are pulling their hair out trying to get them to send me 40 sets for every 90 days like had been happening until 2018 when the rules were changed at Medicare. A person at Medicare told me that since the trump administration took over Medicare they have made cuts to things like insulin infusion sets. I normally change every two to two and a half days, but of course there sometimes are clogs (2 this month) and one set that was accidently pulled out last month. So I am going to be 15 days short at a minimum again this order period. I managed a couple of samples the doc had last order period. My doctor has asked, as I have asked CCS exactly what they need and we think that has been handled, but CCS still says nope! If someone has a doc that has successfully presented the exact language or voodoo spell or what ever to get CCS off their butts, please provide me with that info. At this point I may have to give up the pump and go back to 6 or so injections a day with poor results. I have been on the pump for about 30 years now and my A1Cs are 5.9 to 6.2 with the pump. Talk about anxiety causing crap… at this rate I will not make it to Christmas alive.