So I went in for an upper endoscopy Monday. They think it’s a hiatus hernia; basically my upper stomach is intruding in on my esophageal area, the Hiatus, hence the name. They found a polyp in there, i.e an abnormal growth so they did a biopsy to make sure it’s not cancerous… I have not heard from them yet. Right now they have me taking probiotics and fiber supplements which have been helping my symptoms. Unless the biopsy comes back positive (there’s a 5% chance I think) we’re still gong to Vegas but once I come back I have to sit down with my new doctor to discuss everything. I go for an ultrasound next Wednesday, it’s at 5pm and I can’t eat all day, this aught to be fun. So as soon as I know more I will post more, well as long as I’m not busy running around to a bunch of doctor appointments and getting lab work done like I have been.

Glad to hear that your symptoms are being helped! That is nice that it is naturally. =) I wish you the best with getting stuff resolved, and the best of health to you!

5pm ultrasound for an insulin dependant diabetic; sound s like fun; Yoiu surviived the endoscopy; had that done twice to uncover baby ulcers and observe close up that they healed.

Enjoy your trip to Vegas.


Believe me I won’t let this ruin my fun, lol! I called back to confirm the no eating rule and I guess it was forgotten to be written down that I can eat up until 1pm that day, whew, who it was forgotten by shall remain nameless, lol. I’m really not that worried at all, I just want it dealt with so I can move on.