Ugh.. once again back from the hospital

I just got back after 2 days in the hospital this time for an allergic reaction from the antibiotic they put me on for the breast infection. I am so sick of this I get well then BANG back in then they give me a different antibiotic to try and see if they can clear up the infection. My feet and legs swelled up so fast the doctor almost had to cut my sweats off. I’m so upset over this it just started about a month ago. I have never been so tired and depressed I feel like I’m never getting better and never getting back to myself. I had to crawl to the bathroom last night 'cuz my feet are so swollen and painful I couldn’t walk on them. My poor hubby is a saint he had to help me and I haven’t needed help since I was 4 or so. I feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. On the other hand my blood sugars have never been better and the doctor complimented me on them.Since I was non compliant a month ago he said he was impressed by my numbers. sigh

Judith the infection was and still is a breast infection started with cellulitis and went the secondary is staph in the breast they treated the first and now have tried to get rid of the staph by lancing the breast and packing it with a silver treated gauze they gave me so many antibiotics the last one was a tetracycline called doxocycline that caused the swelling, the legs and feet are better but they keep giving me percs to help with the pain I try not to use too many for fear of getting hooked I had 3 prescriptions and it seems like they would rather have me high as a kite haha. Maybe it’s to keep me happy and quiet. Where would I get Grapefruit seed extract? Thanks for the information because right now I’m willing to try anything.

Thanks Judith, I going to try and get to the store in the next few days still can’t really walk too well for long periods of time. I love your sense of humor too! It’s nice to have a laugh about this.