Documentation of 30days of BG's

Need help from my Dex friends. I have a windows 8 computer. For a new insurance authorization Dexcom says I need documentation of 30 days worth of blood glucose testing but I test using my Omnipod PDM and their software isn’t windows 8 compatible. Does anyone know if they will they accept 30 days of Dexcom readings? I was so good at making my sensors last that when I went to reorder them my prescription AND authorization from Blue Cross / Blue Shield were EXPIRED.
Now I am down to the nearly three-week old sensor that I have on and one more (that actually expired last month lol).
What should I do???

There are a lot of other software packages that can help. Though you may be manually entering a lot, which is worth it IMHO. Plus search on the Omnipod software and Windows 8 in Google, there are ways to make it work.

P.S. I downloaded CoPilot 4.2.1 and The 2.0 Omnipod extentions it runs great on Windows 8. Keep in mind that Windows 7 is actually Windows 6 by true software version (run "ver" in the command window and you get the real version) and Windows 8 is actually version 6.1 or Windows 8.1 is version 6.2. So, "8" is really not that different from "7" for 99% of software.

P.S.S. download “classic shell” from if you want old school Windows :slight_smile:

THANKS Scott Wilkins!

I had not actually tried downloading and using the CoPilot software & Ommipod extension on my Windows8 platform just because it was not listed as compatible.
After reading your post, I did indeed install & use the software to download the readings from my Omnipod PDM. So I did print out a logbook of glucose readings for faxing to Dexcom for forwarding to Blue Cross for re-authorization of my Dexcom sensors. I could not figure out a way to exclude ALL of the unneeded info, but I was only left with BGs and insulin boluses so will live with that much 'oversharing'.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge (so promptly!) with me and others.


Co pilot is the program to use with OmniPod, what were yo using before suesue?

Omnipod is the only pump I’ve ever used. Before that I was doing MDI and using my beloved GLOOKO app to download my readings directly from my BG meter. BTW, GLOOKO was supposed to be working towards adding Omnipod’s PDM to its list of compatibles, but that appears to no longer be the case. I think GLOOKO is now all focused on their work w/providers such as the deal they now have w/ Joselin.