What Vitamins if any do you guys take?

Every morning I take a multivitamin called Diabetex and some Ginko Biloba cause I heard that its supposed to improve blood flow. Just wondering what other people are taking or if its even really necessary to take any at all.

I take 2 Centrum a day, mostly because my fruit intake is way down since it raises BGs, an omega 3 because I don’t like fish, and an eye support with 4mg zeaxanthin, 8mg lutein and 100mg alpha-lipoic acid. I am totally paranoid about my eyes. At 55 I already had to have cataract surgery. I didn’t know my diagnosis of D until this Oct. I have no idea if I am just wasting my money.

Here is a good article on how important it is for us to take our vitamins.


Thank you much! I will be rethinking what I take

I take a multivitamin and flaxseed oil.I used to have a problem with dry eyes and my eye doctor suggested flaxseed oil.It works wonders.It also keeps your blood running smoothly.

I have dry eyes also, thanks for the tip.

One warning about flax seed oil, if you are very sensitive to female hormones, as I am, taking flax seed oil every day can cause dramatic mood changes, similar to what you might experience on birth control pills. I could never take the birth control pills with progesterone in them or any other progesterone product because if I did, I’d bleed and weep. Flax seed oil does the same thing to me if I take more than a very small dose every now and then. Though it does help a lot to take a spoonful if I get dry eyes.

I take 1000 IU vitamin D, 2 calcium supplements which are recommended if a person takes Vitamin D and a cheap multivitamin when I’m dieting as I am in this post-holiday season and not eating any grains.

I had dry eyes before I was diagnosed. I think it was a symptom of higher BG. My A1C was 7.2. Now it is 5.6 and my eyes are fine. My eyes were so bad that I did mention it to my doctor along with the multiple yeast infections. Unfortunately, because I was thin and athletic, she didn’t think of diabetes and it was probably 3-5 years before I was diagnosed.

Hi Marc:
I take either centrum chewable or watkins super food multiples they have over 25 different vitamins.
also coq10 is good to take with a vitamin.

I take a multivitamin plus a calcium supplement. I take the calcium supplement because I have Osteoporarsis I also take Fosomax. The Fosomax is for the Osteo.

i take one-a-day weight smart. read an article on cnn.com that brand has in it exactly what it says it has … and that’s important to me.

i also take 1000 mg of flaxseed oil, 400 mg vit. E, and 150 mg of CO-Q10

Great question.

I’ve been taking ginko biloba for many years, I’ve been told by my previous (reputable/wise) naturopath that is not only helps blood flow, but also helps protect blood cells and thereby possibly preventing complications. Llke Jan, I am totally paranoid about my eyes.

After reading that article Karen posted (my husband showed it to me when it first came out) I started taking a food-based once a day B-Complete by Rainbow Light. I also use their brand for my calcium (women tend to need this, as my mother tells me - but I also take it because I have osteoarthritis in my toe joints - from too much rock climbing and awkwardly positioned foot bones - this and glucosamine chondroitoin to ward off serious intervention on those parts). The omega-3 fish-oil just seems like an all around good idea.

I’ve been taking a vita-natal (multi) vitamin from Eclectic institute that I really like, also for years (even though I’m still not quite ready to be natal, ha ha, see my CGMS insurance forum for more reasons why on that…).

It’s a huge handful of supplements and vits, but seems to do a body good. for me.

I take a women’s daily multi vitamin, vitamin c, cranberry (for UTI’s), a fish oil pill, and vitamin d.

I was feeling really crappy over the summer and started taking a children’s multivitamin, and I think it makes some difference in my energy levels and headaches. I don’t worry about it much.

I take Crestor (& have suffered some nerve damage from the use of high doses of Lipitor) and the CO-Q10 eases the effects of the nerve damage in my upper thigh. The damage was not as a result of diabetes. I complained about the pain in my leg for YEARS before I finally did research on my own on Lipitor & found out that this is a side effect of the drug. No one seemed to know that statins depleted the body’s supply of CO-Q10 which causes nerve damage. I thought the nerve in my leg was going to jump out of my body. I couldn’t sleep. During my research I also found out that doctors in european countries & in Canada never prescribe a statin without also prescribing CO-Q10 for those side effects. As long as I take 150 mg daily of CO-Q10 I have no problems taking my statin. My doctor made a note of this for his other patients. Because of the nerve damage, I have to live with somewhat high cholesterol … it will never be normal again. The diabetes has somewhat sent my cholesterol out of control. And yes, I have tried other treatments & nothing else works but CO-Q10. As an added note, I have tried going off the CO-Q10 & the pain returns big time.

Big lesson here, always take 150mg of CO-Q10 if your doctor prescribes a statin for you.

Hey Karen…sorry your CGM is not going great…good luck with that.

Thanks for the link to the article…do you take it that the amt of B1 in a multi is enough, or do we need an extra supplement? I was not thrilled to see that the natural sources are (besides meat,) grains…not the answer for a reduced carb dieter.

I use to take statins and almost felt like I was going to be crippled from them. I was going to a Lipid Specialist and he said if I got leg pains to take CO-Q10. At first I didn’t have any problems but the more he increased the statin and added Zetia, then I started having leg pains. Long story short I stopped taking them shortly after he retired from practice and went exclusively into research. I also took the vitamin CO-Q10 but by then it was too late. I told my Endo about pains and he sent me to Neurologist who said that statins can cause Neuropathy for which I am still having problems with.
Being a lifetime Type 1 doesn’t help, especially since I’ve had Neuropathy for years but had no pains from since learning tighter control of my bs.

I take a generic multivitamin, “just in case”, flaxseed oil capsules 2 per day, in the hopes that they will help with my exceptionally fragile, brittle nails and skin and magnesium and Chromium metals. I also take aspirin for blood thinning. I’ve already had a stroke! I eat a good diet cooked from scratch, but i’m a low-carber, so I suppose I should take some B vitamins too. I bought a pack, but they vanished from the kitchen into my husband’s back pack. He has type 1 and I’ve spent the last 30 years looking out for his health.

I take alpha-lipoic acid and evening primrose oil (which is gamma-linoleic acid) (recommended in Bernstein’s book). These seem to reduce my blood sugar but they are shown clinically to inhibit neuropathy.