Does Allegra or Sudafed cause big blood sugar spike?

Hi all,

I am currently using both allegra and sudafed for allergies and/or cold, can't seem to figure out which one I have. My BS has been really high and VERY resistant to insulin while on these meds. Does anyone know if one or both of these cause huge spikes?

I generally find that I can't take any allergy meds without causing a HUGE spike in my BG. I generally just try to stay away from them. Also, allergies or a cold in general will make your BG go up (without medication), so if you add in out! The last time I took cold medicine, I increased my basal by 200% and was STILL high. It was absurd.

I take zyrtec and haven't noticed an effect on my BG. I have definitely had high sugars during a cold or bad allergies, though. My understanding is that respiratory infections and allergies cause inflammation, which, I think, tends to raise BG, so I'm surprised that antihistimines and other meds that decrease inflammation could raise BG. Yet another way that this disease defies logic.

I find that a cold in itself will send me off the rails. Usually try to avoid meds, just rest as much as possible. Have taken paracetamol which seems to help without raising bl glucose.

The package insert for sudafed (pseudoephedrine) warns against its use by diabetics because of its impact on BG and blood pressure.

It affects the same receptors in the body as noradrenaline, which triggers the "flight or fight" of the effects is to trigger the release of glucose, so energy can be available for the flight or fight.

This is another case of "your diabetes may vary".... for some people it produces an increase in BG and not in others.

I think Sudafed causes a bit of a bump. I probably take more insulin anyway if I'm sick. I haven't gotten sick for a while. When I feel something coming on, I usually run my BG down to about 40 and have a couple of strong drinks and it seems to kill the germs?

seriously???? AR i never know how to take you. i agree with the other comments my son takes allegra or zyrtec with no issues i would probably skip the sudafed and if it is more than allergies/ upper respiratory infection coming on that would explain it. i hope you feel better!! amy

I’m being serious! Sudafed pushes my BG up but I’ve taken it when I’m sick. The low+ booze thing has always worked too. I haven’t discussed it w/ my doc though…

Sudafed does nothing to my sugar.But it sure does bump up my BP.
I don't take BP meds so I try to avoid Sudafed all together. Sometimes there is nothing else that works tho.

I would never let my sugar go down to 40 on purpose anyway. As far as booze is concerned. I have an occasional drink but I always correct for it. You have got to be careful though because alcohol can interfere with the function of your liver. When I drink wine My sugars actually go down before spiking an hour or 2 later.

there is something to be said for alcohol killing germs but my best defense is gargling with mouthwash!( alcohol), my neti pot, echinacia, probiotics and vitamin D. what ever works right!

I'm always careful w/ that plan and, maybe all the exercise or something, I haven't gotten sick in like 3 or 4 years. Last year I had one sick day when I had surgery and took the day after the marathon off.

watch out for that neti pot thing, Have you heard about the Amoeba infections people have gotten with them? Fatal ! Be sure to use deionized water if you continue to use it.

Can't speak specifically as to Allegra or Sudafed, as I take different meds daily for my allergies. But I do know that when the pollen levels are mega-high and the meds stop working on the symptoms my #s are out of control those weeks.
Might you have a sinus infection brewing? That could knock you out-of-whack too.

yes i know! i should get a new one. i suspect they have been using them for centuries in india without issue. yet here a case or two gets reported and it is all over the news! deinized water, i'll check it out! thanks! amy

Sudafed will spike sugars, for sure. Allegra is much shorter acting than other antihistamines, such as loratadine (Claritin) - which is non-sedating also, and as cheap as 7cents a dose in the US. I had the best luck with Hismanal, as it was very long acting - and therefore stable in its effect on sugars - before it was pulled from the market (due to a 14 year old who took ten pills).