Issues with Medtronics new Enlite CGM?

I'm writing to find out if anyone else has used the new Medtronics Elite sensor and had problems with the Blood Glucose readings it reports.

I'm a type 1, and have used the Medtronics Pump and companion CGM since 2009. Even with CGM, i test about 6 times a day with the Bayer Contour Next Link meter. I found the old Sof-sensor CGM to be fairly reliable, and it produced valid readings.

My original Medtronics Mini-med pump warranty expired; the insurance company did an automatic upgrade. At that time Medtronics "offered" a "special deal" for folks to get an automatic upgrade when their newest model, the 530, was released with their new Enlite CGM.

I'm not so sure how good this deal has been for me.

Since getting the upgrade a month ago, i get terrible readings from the sensor. There are frequent error messages of "WEAK SIGNAL" or "LOST SENSOR". Readings are off between 30 to 50 points. Sometimes CGM indicates my BGs are going down drastically when they aren't, or racing up, when they aren't. Even doing extra calibrations don't help. I've re-read the documentation, and re-reviewed the on-line videos to be sure i'm not missing something obvious.

This past Sunday I left the transmitter in the charger all-day (and with a new battery) then loaded a new sensor from a new box, and used a completely new location (mid-thigh instead of tummy). The resulting readings are just as bad, though now the pump is "losing" the sensor more frequently.

I'm going to take another try at working with Medtronics support. I'm just about ready to ask for my old pump/CGM back.

Bottom line, i'm curious to know if anyone else has the new Enlite CGM and experienced any issues.

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Don't know if this will help, but this is what I was just taught in my training class two days ago. If the pump is losing the sensor, and you know the charge is good, move your pump really close to the transmitter. My nurse educator said that although the transmitter can "broadcast" several feet through air, it doesn't pass through water (what our bodies are made of mostly) at all. Essentially, make sure there is a straight line path from your transmitter to the pump without any curve of your body interrupting that path.


I use an enlite and it sounds like your transmitter is possibly not working correctly? I had an issue similar to this but with the sof-sensor and that is what I was told.