How to get started

Check out the diabulimia support group here on tuD. You'll find folks who understand and want to help there.

Maybe it's a matter of terminology... but I don't understand how you've had diabulimia for 3 years now but T1 diabetes for just a few months.

Bulimia can predate diabetes of course, and having diabetes doesn't help at all in combination with any kind of eating disorder. Do your docs know about the bulimia? Were you diagnosed with T1 at least in part because of rapid weight loss? A classic symptom of undiagnosed T1 diabetes is of course rapid weight loss with ketones.

I remember right after my diagnosis, essentially being force-fed as they tried to get me to regain some weight, and I did not feel like eating at all, and in fact that felt like the "worst part" of having diabetes, them forcing me to eat when I didn't want to. Of course I was still recovering from the DKA, hooked up to IV's etc, and they were probably doing the right thing but I hated them for forcing me to eat more than anything else. And then when I didn't eat they forced me to drink this slurry of orange juice mixed with sugar (those who were diagnosed 40 years ago will remember that as the "recommended hypo treatment" of the time. But man, ever since that, just the thought of orange juice makes me feel like retching. I have hated orange juice ever since.) Of course I didn't understand the interplay of insulin and hypos-if-I-don't-eat. If I had been worried about my weight before as a result of a pre-existing eating disorder, wow I would've resented the whole situation even more.

Getting the energy back, that's has nothing to do with losing weight. In fact getting the energy back is way more about getting bg's back in control. DKA is a sure-fire way to lose energy, I know that for sure. I can't emphasize that enough.

You've started the trip by asking questions!
Read all the diabulimia group's talk here.
Treat yourself as if you're the doctor and your body is a piece of research: it needs only so much intake and only so much insulin, and so much exercise, and the amounts have to be found out.
Use small numbers to establish how much a few grams of carbs raises your blood sugar. Eat different kinds of carbohydrates, veggies in 15 gram amounts, fruit in 7 fram amounts. See the speed with which they work by eating them separately and testing, testing.
Get so well acquainted with how far up these amounts of carbs raise your blood sugar and with how far down a unit of insulin lowers your blood sugar that then you can put more groups of food together and know what amount of insulin will restore you to a normal target.
And know this will change over time and that it is not abnormal for different ratios of insulin to grams of carbs to be different at different times of day. Cheers! We're all pulling for you. Your energy will be back when you've got your BGs under your thumb. Keep records!

"does anyone one have any ideas of how to kick diabulimia depression lose weight and stay on track?"

I actually disagree a bit with the other posters. That is a very tall order you listed above and I don't think you can do it all on your own. I'm assuming you have had bulimia for three years and were diagnosed with Type 1 recently and began not using the right amount of insulin to lose weight as well. All eating disorders can be life threatening, but in diabulimia you have something at your fingertips that can destroy you and everything you want out of life in very fast order.

Yes, check out the diabulimia group here.I also recommend OA meetings for in person support. But what you most need to do is have someone help you get referral to an eating disorder program and get some longterm help. Like you say in your profile, you want to live well and to do this you need help; then you can go on and do all the things you love. If you think you can't do it than you are talking to the wrong person. I have 17 years recovery from my own eating disorder. Please do this for yourself.

oh man that sounds horrible being force fed! for me what happened was I was diagnosed with T1/2 combo at age twelve and put on insulin but six mo. later I didn't need it anymore losing 40 lbs and good diet. At age 15 i became bulimic when I was 17 i went to the hospital because my bg's were HI so they gave me insulin but i didn't take it cause i was afraid of getting fat. but this last time i went to the hospital it was scary looking back. I had DKA that was horrible once I got to the hospital I passed out and was out for about three days. It's amazing how wiped out you become like not being able to walk and stuff for a while. I was hooked up to iv's too. for you it was the force feeding for me it was the the cath that is enough for me to seek help lol i stayed on insulin for a month and a half and gained 20 lbs! just gotta lear some balance that's all :)