Does anyone have any good movie suggestions for tonight (New Year's Eve) that are not a chick flicks, or black and white movies? :)

Seriously, I don’t like chick flicks. lol

John Q a no sex Denzell Washington movie.

Inglorious Basterds!!

Do you have any preferred genre? (bio, sci-fi, fantasy, action, historical, documentary, docudrama, etc?) For coziness, I’d cuddle up with some James Bond flicks, STAR TREK films/episodes, or STAR WARS films. When I saw 1776 in the cinema, it was on New Year’s Day – so that might be an option…

Encore is playing Thank You For Smoking tonight, which I absolutely love, and I think I saw that another channel is playing Ice Age 2.

As far as current releases, I’m still waiting to see Avatar (expect I might see it this weekend), and thinking about Sherlock Holmes.

We got paranormal activites and gutair hero for the wii :slight_smile:

Blades of glory. And, maybe like Christmas vacation,

most excellent… maybe Rocky Horror?

Oh, I saw that movie in college! Most awesome!

Not a huge fan of the Sci-Fi, but I can handle some Fantasy… :slight_smile: Feel more like a comedy, or an action flick, right now.

Yeah, I’ve heard that’s good! :slight_smile:

we got paranormal activity here…my son dared me to watch it with him : )

If you haven’t seen it, Crazy People was a lot of fun.

Across the Universe if you’re into Beatle songs and the 60s. School of Rock is hilarious. If you like to be scared Fallen still frightens me.