Favorite Movies

What are your favorite movies?

To break mine down into categories:

Drama: Casablanca
Action: Death Wish (The first movie)
Comedy: Blazing Saddles

Travis, I love movies and go frequently (esp. now that we’ve had sevearl 90+ degree days). Those that I can think of now:
The Goodbye Girl
The Big Chill
Legends of the Fall
Breakfast at Tiffanys
The Painted Veil
Away From Her
Kill Me
My Left Foot
Babbette’s Feast

…no, Steel Magnolias is not on this list.

Hi Kathy:

After posting my original list, I have been thinking, what about?:

The American President
The Hunt for Red October
Rocky 1 and 2
True Lies
Kelly’s Heroes
Shrek 1 and 2 (yes, I am serious)
and there are others…

Matrix (mainly the first one)
LoTR (Mainly the last one)
40 year old virgin
Old School
Euro Trip
Enter the Dragon
Fists of Fury
Delta Force
Die Hard (All of them)
Ace Ventura
American Beauty
Mission Impossible
Super Troopers (DAMNIT FARVA!@)
Once were Warriors
Better Luck Tomorrow
Holloween (All of them)
Aliens (The 2nd one)
Bad Boys (the first one)
StarWars (the first 3)

I’m sure plenty of other random ones I missed…

i’m a big movie junkie! here are some of my top picks, off the top of my head.

-love actually
-the hours
-a beautiful life
-forrest gump
-my fair lady
-les choristes
-changing lanes
-50 first dates
-whale rider
-goodbye lenin
-dead poets’ society
-million dollar baby
-big fish
-moulin rouge
-la vita e bella (life is beautiful). this is an italian film
-the incredibles
-pirates of the carribean trilogy
-little miss sunshine
-the parent trap (my favourite movie during my pre-teen years)
-the devil wears prada
-about a boy
-father of the bride 1 & 2
-bridget jones’ diary 1 & 2
-meet the parents
-my big fat greek wedding
-shrek 1 & 2

there is another list of movies in my head, that i’d like to watch but haven’t. but i’ll spare you for now. :slight_smile:

Shaun of the Dead
all the Harry Potter movies
The Princess Bride
40 Year Old Virgin
Grease (guilty pleasure movie)
The Quiet Man
A Christmas Story~~ "You’ll shoot your eye out!"
It’s a Wonderful Life

I am not a big movie critic but more of a book worm.

  • All the Shrek movies
  • Animal House
  • Blues Brothers
  • Radio (made me cry but dont tell anyone this 6’5" man cried)
  • Nemo
  • Toy Story (1 & 2)

Down Periscope
Young Frankenstein
Second Hand Lions
It’s a Wonderful Life.
Sound of Music
Blues Brothers
Chronicles of Narnia
National Treasure
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
…and more that I cannot think of til I sign off later.