Does anyone have any suggestions for an item to keep test strips in?

What I’m looking for is just a small, flat container, that i can throw some test strips in if I’m going to be out and about for the day. That way I don’t have to fight a bulky bottle of test strips. Maybe something as thin as the size size of the Verio IQ meter and no longer than that, a little thinner or smaller would be better.

The test strip containers provide protection for the strips from temperature, light, and moisture. So you would have to find something that has those properties as well. I don’t know if sitting in another container for a few hours is enough to make a strip inaccurate.


Right. I have a little camera case that I want to start carrying my meter around in…so the inside is nice and dark, and padded. It would be in my purse all the time and other than being outside briefly coming and going, would be exposed to regular air conditioned room temperatures. Not necessarily wanting to put all my test strips in it…but just what I’d need for the day while at work. I was thinking maybe something like this? I can fit the bottle in the case, but its a bulky fit. I don’t really like the case the Verio IQ meter came in, it bigger than what I want.

I’ve seen little keychain pill holders…maybe something like that? Especially if you could find one that said it protected the pills.

I use an old OneTouch strip container, since it’s smaller than the Contour strip containers. I’ll probably have to replace it soon, though. No idea how old it is. I fit my Contour Next USB, Multiclix lancing device, and the OneTouch container filled with 50 strips in the case for the True2Go meter. Four different companies, talk about mixing and matching stuff to meet my needs! I also use a Bayer meter case for my pump emergency kit, manage to fit an infusion set, cartridge, alcohol swabs, extra tape, batteries and pump bits, insulin pen, insulin (pen cartridges), pen needles, ketone meter and strips, and several types of pills in there, and it still zips up with no trouble. So I totally get where you’re coming from wanting to make things as small as possible. :slight_smile:

LOL somedays I wonder who designs all this stuff? Most likely someone who isn’t diabetic and has to cart all this around. LOL I hate test strip bottles. I do that sometimes too. Put them in a different bottle than what they came in. The One Touch bottles are nice and def not as big as the Bayer Countour ones. I just hate rounded. LOL makes it a pain in the hind parts when you are trying to stuff everything you need in a small place, and it would work so much better if it was just flat.

I agree, flat would be better, but probably more difficult for many to get strips out.

I ended up getting this. I think it will work nicely. Even though not flat, its pretty slender and waterproof and airtight. I’m just looking for something to hold 5 or 6 strips for the day. I can keep the others in the regular container.

A totally off the wall suggestion. I’ve picked up (out of pocket) the Dario meter and a small supply of strips (it carries 50 at a time). It requires an iPhone to operate, but the meter, lancer and strip container are around the size of a typical pocket knife. VERY easy to carry around when you don’t want a bulky bag. I use it on longer bike rides and days like yesterday, when I’m out an and about a bit and just don’t want the “luggage.”

Ever wonder why test strip vials have that weird white coating inside? It is a desiccant that keeps the test strips dry. If a test strip is exposed to humidity it will go bad pretty fast (probably with minutes, but certainly with in a couple hours). You can use another container but it has to be opaque (no light can get through), airtight and contain a desiccant. I’m not saying you can’t figure out a solution but storing in anything other than the vial is not advised by the test strip makers. Here are the recommendation from LifeScan about proper storage and handling of their strips (bold and capitalization is from the original):

  • Store the test strip vial in a cool dry place between 41°F and 86°F. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. Exposure to temperatures and/or humidity outside the storage limits may cause inaccurate readings.
  • Store your test strips in the vial only, To avoid damage or contamination, Do Not put test strips in any other container.
  • Open the vial only when taking out a test strip for use.
  • Close the vial lid tightly right away after removing a test strip. Use each test strip as soon as you take it out of the vial.
  • Do Not use test strips from a vial that is damaged or left open to air.

As far as the test strip makers are concerned they strong recommend you just use the vial.