Does anyone know about a Psych/ Diabetic support group?

i have been searching out an on-line support group for people who suffer from psychiatric disabilities as well as T1D. (and i would settle for LADA & T2D) i have found a site called NAMI(i think it stands for National Association for Mental Illness). i have not found it useful enough to help me w/ my predicament. i have put on TuD forum a site about mental illness and D, but have not really had any substantial responses. its difficult to find others who will even admit to living w/ mental diseases; it is considered shameful or a real personality flaw. something to be embarrassed about.

any suggestions are welcomed.
thanks, Daisy Mae

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I’m just curious. Wouldn’t someone with a serious mental illness require treatment from a medical professional, instead of chatting about it on line? I’d think the best course of action would be to be evaluated, take meds IF indicated, and/or speak with a therapist. Wouldn’t just hanging out online to post/read in a forum be a far less useful resource? I’m just asking, mind you–I really havent a clue about what help one gets (if one is mentally ill) online. I’m also curious as to what has prompted you to apparently expect a large enough number of diabetics on this site to be mentally ill, and therefore open to your request for responses. there may be lots of folks here perhaps suffering from anxiety and/or depression, but I’ve no idea what sorts of illnesses you are including in “mental illness”. I think just living in this day and age would make one anxious or depressed, regardless of their physical health status! :slight_smile:

I guess what I’m getting at is that a diabetes forum works for discussing “how to’s”, eating suggestions, etc, etc. I don’t see how that translates to helping someone with a mental illness. Family and friends can’t really help someone with mental illness. Even the best-intentioned doctors aren’t all that successful either, when treating the mentally ill.

When I was looking at other Discourse platform sites prior to our migration, I found

I did a quick search over there and there’s a couple of topics on d. Since it’s Discourse powered, you won’t have any trouble getting up to speed on how to post, etc. As I remember, it was fairly well monitored for moderation, and anyway, being Discourse, there’s going to be the general “rules of civility” that all Discourse has.

anyway, give it a try!

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i posted this subject b/c i have been lead to believe that many people suffer from mental illness of some kind. as well, they must take medications for their illness(s). i admit that it might be a controversial subject that not everyone will feel comfortable about, whether they have mental illness or do not. my inquiry is more about how mental illness and their appropriate medications interfere in some way w/ caring for their D.

there are (too) many people on this site who have suffered through chemo, thyroid disorders, lupus, and other autoimmune diseases. it is gravely unfortunate, yet they come to this forum to discuss what they are going through w/ their treatment and try and find comfort and, hopefully, solutions (suggestions as well). here, in this forum, people have the opportunity to live the healthiest, most close to “normal” life w/ the big D, while concurrently dealing w/ other of life’s problems.

why should discussing mental illness be any different? i am just putting this “out there.” perhaps it does not apply to you. cancer does not apply to me, but that does not preclude me from having compassion (and a curiosity of helpfulness and hope) for others who concurrently cope w/ a multitude of things.

i recently read on this site about how to prepare for a colonoscope, PMS, menopause, taking steroid treatments (like prednisone). few of which i share, yet, reading about these posts and helpful suggestions brought me tremendous hope and a sincere respect for the courage others w/ D go through. i have learned enormously about a multitude of coping mechanisms.
and perhaps for that and that reason alone, i posted about coping w/ mental illnesses.

i did not by any means intend on offending you or anyone else on this site. but, several TuD members have already responded to my post and directed me to other, more specific sites on line. this is very helpful to me; i no longer have to live alone and potentially in the dark.
for that, i am grateful.

PS: this does not, in ANY measure, mean to suggest that people w/ mental illnesses should not be seen, dx or treated by a professional MD. i whole heartedly support appropriate diagnostic treatment for those who need it.

I hope that this explains/ helps you to understand my query.


MarieB, i found the link. thank you sooooo much. i hope that i find it as helpful as these TuD forums have provided me with.
Daisy Mae


hope it helps, maybe there’s someone over there just like you, and maybe you could direct them here if they are interested. I have friends and loved ones with mental illnesses, and I understand something about the stigma.

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@phoenixbound…You might keep in mind that Depression and Diabetes feed on each other. Many diabetics need mental and emotional support that can relate specifically to the everyday, non-stop difficulties of dealing with chronic illness. Especially the “invisible” types… Before I even found TuD, I saw an online video by the Behavioral Diabetes Institute—Polonsky, I think–about the emotional upheavals many of us experience. I believe I just googled Diabetes and Depression. As for finding TuD when I googled Diabetes and Artists…Blessings…


Marie’s suggestion is excellent. I have a “kissing cousin” who is schizophrenic and, BTW brilliant (and he was, indeed, my first kiss–hehe–when I was 14 and he was 19). He’s doing well at almost 70 now, but it has been a struggle. I can’t imagine if he had to deal with Diabetes, too…

Anyway—just as another lead (I love research and the way one thing leads to another) you might try:

They might lead you Onward and Upward…Blessings. And I hope you’ll keep us posted!..Judith in Portland…

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I don’t have a forum recommendation but I do have a book recommendation. I wanted to understand the struggle of mental illness. This book is excellent, and I won’t forget what I learned by reading first hand account and experience, and can never ever forget the absolute beauty and strength and passion of this peaceful warrior. I know you are going to the library Daisy Mae, so check this out:

The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness by Elyn R. Saks

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thank you for your reading material suggestion. i was on my way to the library this afternoon and there is a tumultuous rain storm outside. there is no way in H-LL that i am leaving the house. MarieB sent me a link to a site for schizophrenics; i joined up immediately. it is incredible !!! now i feel proud that i put myself “out there” so much so that i got a reply that can potentially be life-changing. :smile: