Does anyone remember this pump?

Click on image to see the whole thing.

Looks like pretty similar functionality. Its fantastic looking. Hehehehe

Not bad. looks so good.

And here is an image of Medtronic’s first pump, the 502.

and the Deltec Cozmo


Wow, it looks very thick, eh?

Implantable pump


When I was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 in 1968, my mother subscribed to Diabetes Forecast magazine. It was small, the size of a readers digest but much thinner, and maybe the first issue we received had a picture of the insulin pump that was being developed (I don’t remember by who-I was only ten years old-but I do still have that issue somewhere) and it was the SIZE OF A ROOM. The idea of it ever being able to help me was as unbelievable as having a flying car.

Not room sized, but pretty big:

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I wouldn’t consider this pump to be old. I got mine in 2007 and used it until 2011. It had better features than most of today’s pumps.

That picture shows it with the “CozMonitor” glucose meter attached (the black part). With it attached, it was a pump and FreeStyle glucose meter combined into a single device. You could remove that and it would be considerably thinnner.

From what I remember, it was slightly thicker than most of today’s pumps but also lighter weight than any I’ve felt since.


My first pump, MiniMed 504, circa 1987. This was before Medtronic bought MiniMed.


It’s primitive by today’s standards but it was really high tech back then. Very few people knew about insulin pumps then. This pump had no bolus wizard. It didn’t have a quick disconnect at the infusion site, either. MiniMed sold shower bags that you could hang on your shower head. If you wanted to disconnect, that meant withdrawing the infusion site all together.


Wow @Terry4, didn’t realize you had been pumping that long. I started mid 90s, with 506 or 507. Then 508, 511, 512, 522, 523. Currently a 723 which is a replacement of 3rd 523 when it died a few months ago (under warranty). Was told they no longer had 523 to give me as replacement. I miss the smaller size.

I think @beacher had auto syringe model, before 504.

We seemed to be following similar technology paths over the years. I started with the 504 then went to the 506, 508, 511, Animas Ping, Omnipod, Animas Ping and finally Loop with a MM 722. Looking back, I switched over to Animas just at the time Med-T started producing a loopable series of pumps. Wish I knew then what I know now!

I started out with the 506 (briefly), then 507c, 508 515 523 530G (551). Not all upgrades were exciting–some had few new features. I started in May of 1996. Right now, I anticipate the next pump will be a t:slim despite my having reservations about some of it’s characteristics.