Does anyone share their DEXCOM data with doctor or CDE?

I've tried with both my endo and my CDE to export my DEXCOM data and allow them to review the data on their own.

When I go to export the data from the software, it gives me the choice between an XML file or a tab delimited file. Assuming that the XML file contains more formatting information and would be more easily ingested, that's what I have chosen.

Both my endo and CDE say that their software will not import the data. Am I doing something wrong? Are my endo and CDE doing something wrong?

Before I hit up DEXCOM support, I thought I would see if anyone on here has been able to share data.



Yes they always have without any problems, they even download my pump data as well.

Are you using a Mac OS, I believe there is issues with Mac and Dex?

My understanding is that the Dex is incompatible with Mac software. My endo always uploads my Dex and my pump.

Your endo and CDE should be using Diasend. I learned about Diasend from Animas. Diasend works on both Mac and Windows.

The TRICK to get Dexcom to download to Diasend is to list yourself as "International". The reason for this is our Gestapo (FDA) has not yet approved Diasend to read Dexcom -- I have yet to understand the "medical device" concern from FDA regulators about data.

I share on paper. My endo is old school and my CDE has an ancient computer!

Running PC, not Mac. I’m wondering if my doc needs to set up a patient profile first.

I do every time I see my Endo. Do not have an issue with it.

I still couldn't get the data to import, but my CDE was able to connect my receiver and download the data. It would still be nice to be able to send the file and give them time to review the data before my visit instead of during the visit.

I'll keep trying. May need to call DEXCOM and see if they can help.


I usually hit print on whatever info I want to share, save it as a word document then email it to my son's CDE. If you send the hourly trend chart and the modal day, that usually give enough info....